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Adopt Smart Ways To Tackle Bandits, Osinbajo Tells Military



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The 30 course participants of the National Defence College (NDC) are challenged to be creative in developing national security and defense strategy to combat the country’s worsening insecurity. Nigeria’s military and other security forces are also urged to adopt clever tactics, smart ways in the fight against bandits and terrorists ravaging the nation.

At the college’s 30th anniversary dinner and award ceremony for Course 30 on Tuesday in Abuja, Osinbajo made the announcement.

Adeyemi Dipeolu, President Muhammadu Buhari’s special adviser on economic matters, acted as his representative.

The vice president noted that security was a societal responsibility that could only be achieved in unison with a diverse range of state and civil society actors.

He urged the military and other security agencies to recognise the regional, continental and international ramifications of the threats facing nations in developing security and defence strategies.

“You must embrace smart ways of managing society in a pervasively digital universe as contemporary technologies have introduced new levels of complexity to an already challenging security environment,” said Mr Osinbajo.

He added, “Technological revolution in the present era also avails you of a broad range of tools with which you can protect our vital interests and safeguard our people. You must be relentlessly innovative in exploiting these options.”

He, however, advised them to be sensitive to the needs and demands of the people who “are the primary reference of national security as the spear and shield of our nation.”

Mr Osinbajo observed that the world had moved from the erstwhile exclusive approach to security management wherein the military and security agencies were thought to be the exclusive custodians of security.

He also mentioned that society’s approach to security management had become the primary governing principle of national security governance.

Mr Osinbajo urged international participants to be proud alumni of the college and to maintain the bonds they had made and continue to support Nigeria’s efforts at maintaining peace and security.

“I have no doubt that you have come to fully appreciate this activity and security management in furtherance of the whole of society doctrine. It is clear that you must also embrace the role that women play in contemporary security management and give meaning to it in your future engagements,” he told the graduands. “In this regard, I am glad that this institution has consistently given female participants equal opportunity to participate in this highly rewarding strategic leadership training.”

He further explained that “our defence cooperation with friendly nations in Africa and the world has been mutually beneficial,” recognising “all the foreign dignitaries and international participants here and convey our appreciation for your association with Nigeria and the NDC.”

In his remarks, NDC commandant Murtala Bashir, said the celebration of the 30th set of graduates since establishment in 1992 was a milestone in the college’s history.


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