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2023: PDP Candidate And The Continuity Of Inglorious Abdulfatah Ahmed’s Legacy- Abdulqaudri Mahmud



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Whenever the Kwara Peoples Democratic Party’s governorship candidate Abdullah Yaman is asked how he will lead Kwara if elected in the forthcoming election — he would shamelessly say he would continue the former governor AbdulFatah Ahmed’s legacy.

What’s the legacy he is talking about? The legacy of nonpayment of salary, high unemployment rate, poor civil servant welfare, poor funding of education, subjugation of youth and women, nonpayment of gratuities, etc.

According to political observers and analysts, Ahmed’s administration is the worst in the history of Kwara state. And it’s the same Ahmed’s legacy Yaman is saying he would continue if elected in the next governorship election. Does he even mean well for Kwara and Kwarans? This essayist doubts if he does. Because if he truly means well for Kwarans, he would not be saying he would continue Ahmed’s legacy. The legacy that sent the arrogant Saraki dynasty away.

To Yaman, his leader, and the banished PDP, Kwarans do not deserve the dividends of democracy they are enjoying under Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq. Therefore, he has been saying he would take Kwarans back to the era of Megida when the civil servants were owed salaries — when our children studied under dilapidated buildings — when roads were death’s trap, when youth and women were subjugated, etc

This essayist has noted in one of his articles that a governor Yaman would surpass Abdulfatah Ahmed in bad governance. That’s why Kwarans must be careful not to trust him with the governorship seat. Those who hand-picked him do not mean well for Kwarans and Kwara, and he’s set to do whatever they want him to do. So, they must take every legitimate step to prevent him and his masters from coming near Kwara’s treasury.

Of all the candidates seeking to govern Kwarans, Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq stands out. He’s set a good legacy in his three and a half years and reelecting him in the forthcoming election to continue this legacy is the best thing that can happen to Kwara and Kwarans at the moment. Unlike AbdulRazaq — a governor Yaman will not continue the prompt payment of salaries, gratuities, and construction of roads and schools because they are not part of Ahmed’s legacy.

A governor Yaman will return Kwara to the blacklist of UBEC and allow his Party members to feed fat on Kwara’s treasury. This is why Kwarans must massively vote against him and the life-threatening legacy he says he would continue if elected in the forthcoming election.

Abdulqaudri Mahmud writes from Ilorin East LGA, Zango Ward, Ilorin Kwara state

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