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Ali Ahmad And The Burden Of Truth- Bayo Sanni



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Reading through a recent interview of Ali Ahmad with an online medium, Tabloid, one cannot help but wonder the depth to which character camouflage can be portrayed through employment of willing and/or unsuspecting media platforms.

One cannot give what you don’t possess. For an Ali Ahmad to be preaching TRUTH is an anomaly, an irony of sorts – because he is the grandfather of LIARS! If anyone doubts me, I challenge Ali Ahmad to bring out the infamous “House of Assembly Report into the allegations of Misappropriation relating to Government Assets under Harmony Holdings Limited” which he read under oath on the floor of Kwara State House of Assembly in March, 2018. He should, with is cohort, Hassan Oyeleke come for a public debate of that report page-by-page to expose their bare-faced duplicity and LIES. This duo kick-started the last election season with LIES and propaganda which was hijacked from them by more deft political propagandists in the “Otoge” fold. Then, Ali Ahmad effectively deployed “National Pilot” newspaper with a willing tool in one Billy Adedamola. They created a can and thereafter started searching for “worms” to fill their imaginary can of worms.

The negative effects of Ali Ahmad/Hassan Oyeleke (and his gang of committee members) unholy alliance in their quest to harvest from Harmony Holdings management debacle in 2017/2018 was multi-dimensional: They lied in pursuit of personal gratification and got both the general public and even their own party members to get unfairly disenchanted with Harmony Holdings and the then Government of the day with a deliberately but wrongly orchestrated impression that the entire system was corruption ridden.

The grand effect was that even party members voted against their own (then ruling) party at the 2019 general elections.

One other characteristic of your ilk using the dynasty and her structure as a façade is arrogance. In Hassan Oyeleke’s infamous tape, he reeled out threats – that if “‘Bayo Sanni does not comply with the demands of the committee, whatever the House of Assembly presented was what the general public would believe…..and there is nothing you can do about it”! Such arrogance and high-handedness where others were seen as ‘lesser beings’ was the trade mark of Ali Ahmad and his colleagues when they held sway on their high horses prior to the 2019 elections.

Hassan Oyeleke even boasted that “who are the Board of Directors of Harmony Holdings?…..even the Governor…..whatever we say here in this House is FINAL”! Board resolutions of a Public Limited Liability company did not matter to their own House of Assembly so they resolved to scandalize every transaction regardless of legally binding Board approvals. What this means is if by chance Hassan Oyeleke gets to the National Assembly, he with join forces with folks like him to disregard the approvals of the Board of NNPC, NPA, NBC and FIRS et al.

As an emergency turn-coat, the same Ali Ahmad wants to preach TRUTH to us in Kwara State of today! Wonders they say, shall never end.

The end result is unprecedented defamation of character and complete destruction of a brand (Harmony Holdings) being built out of hard work and sleepless nights of a few individuals. Today, that company is a ghost of what it was before Ali Ahmad’s 8th Assembly ventured into it. If truly Ali Ahmad is a merchant of TRUTH, the Kwara State Investment Holding company would very likely be soaring higher today. There was also the resulting backlash from voters.

But Ali Ahmad’s tissue of lies is not just about politicking. Recorded tapes at the last sitting of Ali Ahmad’s enthroned Committee on January 29, 2018 clearly reveal that his lies are for a purpose – grandstanding for self-gratification! His then stooge, Hassan Oyeleke (bird of the same feather) clearly requested that “Bayo Sanni should come and “see” the members of the committee; Harmony Holdings should come and “see” the House” in order for them to write (the Truth) a good report!

This is how abysmal the character of these so-called “leaders” have fallen. And here we are again, Ali Ahmad wants to preach TRUTH and wishes to “rescue Kwara from the reign of LIES and DECEIT”!! – I can’t help chuckling. If the party needs spokespersons for TRUTH, character and decency, Ali Ahmad is definitely a wrong choice.

Little wonder the then Vice Chancellor of the University of Ilorin and the then Registrar would not touch Ali Ahmad with the longest pole when he applied to return to the University (by his own confession in the interview). These are very decent individuals and highly reputed academics and gentlemen. They must have experienced the real Ali Ahmad – the ruthless blackmailer. I am certain the Abuja Universities will also have their stories to tell pretty soon about Ali Ahmad.

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