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Gov AbdulRazaq Celebrates Kwara Women



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The Executive Governor of Kwara state has congratulated and celebrated Kwara women home and abroad on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

Fidel Info reports that the Governor, in a statement, has charged women to take up more leadership roles as no society can function properly without women.

The Governor also reiterated his commitment to female-inclusion stating that his cabinet consists of a record breaking 56.25% female, making women a majority of his appointees.

In the statement, he also celebrated the achievements of the female members of his cabinet.

The statement read,”I join leaders across the world to congratulate our women on the occasion of the 2023 International Women’s Day. Whether as mothers, wives, or girl-children, women are unique in their being great teachers, pillars of support, balancers, and critical team players in every family and organisation.”

“No society can achieve sustainable growth without according women their pride of place. This is why Kwara has created a niche for itself as the prime promoter of gender parity in governance. Under my watch, Kwara will remain a record holder and positive reference point in gender inclusion in public service.”

“We made a record with our appointment in 2019 of a female majority cabinet (56.25%). We also consolidated that feat with the enactment of a law that secures at least 35% affirmative action for every government appointment in the state. With five great women on the ballot, our great party, APC, at the state level has the highest female candidature in the 2023 election cycle by any major political party in Nigeria.”

“On this day, I especially celebrate the great amazons in our administration who have defied all odds to contribute their quota to the development of our state on the back of their intellect, hard work, and team spirit.”

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