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Group Cautions Yaman Against Attacks On Monarchs



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A note of caution has been directed to the Kwara Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) by a cultural group to desist forthwith from their careless attacks on monarchs in the region.

Fidel Info reports that The group, Kwara Cultural Advocacy Network, in a statement by their President, Ahmed Jibril, on Tuesday, said it has noted with grave concerns the wilful descent of Kwara PDP to campaigns of calumny targeted at their revered royal fathers.

The President said these efforts would only add to the electoral misfortune of the PDP, as their newfound love is to blackmail and spite the traditional institution in the state.

“We frown at the careless and reckless politics being played by the opposition PDP in Kwara State. What we have witnessed in recent times from their camp has been terrifyingly alarming. While we are not concerned about the side anyone chooses to stay in politics, we won’t tolerate the wilful descent of the opposition elements to denigrating and tarnishing the personalities of our royal fathers.

“We have seen how our revered Emirs and Etsus are being dragged into the mud and accused of receiving what was described as bribes for election. No evidence has been attached to these claims so far. We therefore sense a campaign of calumny in all that is playing out. We won’t tolerate all these blackmails.

“Leaders of the PDP, especially Dr Bukola Saraki, should therefore warn his attack dogs to desist. We see his silence in this open provocation and insult as complicity. They may have in fact been emboldened by Saraki’s example of spiting the Emir of Ilorin, threatening to rotate his seat as Chairman of the Kwara State Traditional Council and  altering the Ilorin Emirate structure.

“Particularly, we are worried that the gubernatorial candidate of the PDP in the state, Yaman Abdullahi, is also silent as these careless attacks continue by his media handlers in support of his bid. However, we are not too surprised because Yaman has also shown that he does not have any regard for anything Kwara, talk more of our royal fathers. He was well known to have canvassed for the transfer of Kwara North to Niger State which is where he believes in. He even went as far as attending the national confab and making this submission.

“However, what we can assure PDP is that rather than add political gains for them as they assume, their careless attacks on our monarchs will only contribute a great deal to their electoral misfortune. The people of Kwara can see clearly which party and political camp has the development of our region in mind. We have decided where to go and there is no going back on it. For anyone to think that the only way to get our support is to blackmail our traditional leaders is therefore a big wonder to us. Enough is enough.”

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