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Chucks warns film makers against unprofessional behaviour



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Actor and filmmaker, Elvis Chucks, has said shooting movies within four days is unprofessional.

It is common knowledge that some films in the industry are shot within that time frame and even lesser.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Chucks said, “There are some ‘Aba filmmakers’ that still know what they are doing, but a large number of them make movies in four days. That is extreme, and a display of unprofessionalism.

“Some of them claim to have been making money. But, I do not think so. If they are making money, then they should be making the kind of money that real filmmakers are making. Why do I have to make one million movies when I can make two movies and be happy? That is the knowledge we need to sensitise them to. Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

Speaking on his current projects, the filmmaker said, “I work more with Netflix. Some of my works on Netflix are ‘Jewel’, ‘Slay’, and ‘Happy Family’. My movie is also on Amazon Prime. I am one of the producers Netflix selected to produce their original titles. I make movies for other international companies as well.

“Personally, I am happy with the streaming platforms. I am not going to do anything in the cinema anytime soon to avoid piracy and figures I do not understand whether they are correct or not.”

Speaking on the issue of piracy, Chucks said, “The Nigerian government is supposed to know how to tackle it. That is why I produce for a larger audience. I do not want it to happen to me first, and I am glad the industry has come to a point where every producer knows what they want.”

The movie personality also noted that both acting and filmmaking were challenging. He said, “They are all challenging. Acting is a talent, while filmmaking is a process which starts from pre-production to actual production, then post-production. It is a creative process, and creativity could be very challenging. One has to invest one’s time, resources, attention, creative intent, and oversee everything to ensure that the quality will be appreciated by the viewers

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