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Amid Uncertainty For His Future, Buhari’s Powerful PA, Tunde Saibu Packs Out Of Villa



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Tunde Saibu, the nephew of President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday moved out of the Presidential Villa ahead of the end of the life of the administration on May 29, 2023 with mixed reactions on his trail.

Tunde Saibu was famously reported as the head of the villa boys in the presidential villa and held the designation of a Presidential Assistant but weighed influence far, far above his designation.

While rumours of his antecedence prior to the emergence of Buhari as president have been the subject of much political folklore, his behind the scene power exertions are largely undisputed.

As he packed his belongings out of the Presidential Villa and the picture leaked to the internet he became a subject of much contention.

All Progressives Congress, APC chieftain, Adamu Garba II was about the first to share the photograph of Tunde Saibu leaving the villa.

He posted thus:

The post was trailed by several other reactions with some pointing at the transience of power.

Following some negative comments, Adamu Garba II returned to assert his admiration of the outgoing presidential aide.

He said:

For the record, I admire Tunde Sabiu a lot. That’s why despite all the challenges, I never criticize him. He is a great guy for having the opportunity to hold the highest level of official responsibility in Nigeria.

It is not easy to be there and hold still. We should adore him for that. My post was just an illustration of the transient nature of life.

He is an asset to the young generations of this country. I made a vow that I won’t criticize any young person in a position of power because I know mistakes will be made along the way and lessons to be learned.

The senior citizens don’t criticize themselves on their mistakes, why do we do the same to ours? no reason. We should stay in solidarity with one another and find a way to tolerate each other regardless of our shortcomings.

Tunde Sabiu is a great Nigerian asset to the young Nigerians; I am sure we will need him a lot in our way of building a country for a greater tomorrow.

Another tweep, though without evidence claimed that Tunde Saibu was among those who did not want Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as a successor.

The claim has also fed claims of an uncertain political future for Tunde Saibu with the imminent advent of the Tinubu administration

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