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Kunle Afod Reacts As His Baby Mama Queen Oluwa Visit Mecca To Perform Hajj



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Nigerian actor Kunle Afod expressed heartfelt emotions as his baby mama, actress Queen Oluwa, embarked on a spiritual journey to Mecca to perform the Hajj pilgrimage.

The actor’s reaction demonstrated his support and appreciation for her devotion to her faith.

The Hajj pilgrimage holds great significance in the Islamic faith, and for Queen Oluwa, it was a deeply personal and transformative experience. As she embarked on this sacred journey, she shared a video of herself in the holy city of Mecca with the faith that all her prayer has been answered.

She caption the video with, ” Yah Allah, I really don’t have much to say than I’m grateful. I feel at peace and my faith tells me all my requests have been granted. I pray that you grant my parents good health and long life. I pray that u open the womb of anyone looking up to you for the fruit of the womb.

I pray that u make me a better person. I ask for patience from u yah Allah. I pray that everyone sending requests on my dm and comments section be congratulated before the end of the year, grant their request yah Allah. Above all, I pray that u grant me means to perform Umrah and Hajj as many times as possible. Amin”

Kunle Afod, known for his supportive nature, took to the comment section to express his joy and admiration for Queen Oluwa, he simply wrote, “Amen”

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