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State House Auction: Gov’t to Sell Prados, Mercedes Benz, Others For as low as Sh110K



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The state House recently announced plans to carry out a mass auction of vehicles, tyres, and scrap metal.

In a notice published by State House Comptroller Katoo Ole Metito, the office of the President said the excise will take place on Friday, June 16, at the State Department for Roads in Ruiru.

The vehicles set for the auction are said to be in good condition for repair, and successful bidders who acquire them will be able to service them for use.

Prados, Mercedes Benz, and Range Rovers are among the high-end vehicles listed for the auction. The office of the president will sell out 13 vehicles, with Toyota van being the cheapest at a price of Sh110,000.

Others include three Range Rovers whose auction price is set at Sh1.25 million, Sh1.2 million, and Sh 570,000, respectively.

Three Prados are also set for auction at Sh 450,000 (Toyota Prado VXL), Sh200,000 (Toyota Prado TX), and Sh 300,000.

Others include Toyota Fortuner (Sh 300,000), Toyota Land Cruiser V8 (Sh300,000), a Mercedes Benz E200 (Sh200,000), Nissan Xtrail (Sh200,000), and a Mitsubishi Pajero (Sh163,000).

The auction conducted by Astorion Auctioneers demands interested bidders to pay a deposit of Sh 50,000. The deposit is only refundable to bidders who will not win.

Successful bidders will be required to collect their items within 30 days or pay a storage fee of Sh 1,000 per day.

State House advised interested applicants to view the vehicles at the State Department of Roads yard in Ruiru on Wednesday, June 14, between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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