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Fire outside UCL final send smoke over stadium



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A fire erupted at a factory two miles from the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, one hours before the Champions League final is set to kick off.

Numerous reports have emerged that a fire is raging in Istanbul in close proximity to the stadium where Man City are soon set to face Inter in the Champions League final. Firefighters were on the scene one hours before the match, according to a tweet from journalist Rory Smith.

Meanwhile, there are numerous reports that indicate fans have struggled to navigate traffic around the stadium, which has forced some ticket holders to sprint long distances to reach the venue in time for kick-off.

The smoke has drifted over to the ground before warm-ups, however the air pollution does not yet appear to pose a threat to proceedings.

There is no indication yet that the smoke is set to disrupt the game of impact kick-off time, and UEFA has not commented on the situation. There was also chaos at last year’s final in Paris, with treatment of Liverpool and Real Madrid fans the subject of independent investigation

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