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PDP Speaks On Tinubu ‘Appointing’ Wike As Minister



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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has addressed rumours that President Bola Tinubu is considering appointing the former governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike to his cabinet.

Wike’s recent visit to Aso Villa has spurred conjecture that he might be appointed a minister under Tinubu’s administration.

Just a few weeks ago, Wike said, “Tinubu has not informed me about getting an appointment. I am not too big to serve my country, but he has never told me that he would give me an appointment. If he asks me, the first thing I will do is to ask my wife and friends what they think about it.”

The National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Debo Ologunagba stated in an interview with Punch that the party has not been informed about Wike’s intentions to serve in Tinubu’s government.

He said, “Whether we are approached or not, the PDP is a party of process and a truly democratic party. But let me say this, our members are conscious of what the party believes in.

“They are aware that we are in court, and they will be guided appropriately. They know the right thing to do and the consequences of not doing the right thing.

“As a party, we have not been approached to release any of our members to serve in the government. There are processes in issues like this. In any event, it will be premature to talk about this because the election that brought this government into power is being challenged by the PDP. Election is a process involving four stages – the pre-election, the election itself, declaration and post-election, particularly the petitions and all that.

“We are in the final leg of this chain and until this is concluded, we cannot begin to speculate about what will or will not happen. What we are holding out to at the election petition tribunal is whether the process was credible and transparent. If it turns out that the process was not credible as we are trying to establish, then there can’t be a credible outcome. If there is no credible outcome, it is difficult to circumvent the process and that will be against the established procedure and rules.”

Reminded that Wike did not mince words when asked if he would make himself available to serve the APC-led government, Ologunagba noted, “When an individual in the PDP speaks, he speaks for himself. Whoever speaks in a manner as if he is interested in serving in the APC-led government speaks for himself. Yes, Wike spoke, but there is no evidence that Bola Tinubu is seeking his advice on who makes his cabinet or not.”

Ologunagba speaking on whether the party will allow its members to serve in Tinubu’s administration said, “Until we are approached, the party cannot give you an official statement or reaction. I speak for this party and I know what the PDP stands for. Whatever I tell you now will not be important because we have not been approached and we are not aware that any of our members has been approached either.

“You can’t come up with appointments across board in the name of a government of national unity. National unity based on fraud and illegality? You can’t build something on nothing and expect it to stand.”

He added, “Let that (PDP members’ acceptance to serve in the APC government) happen first and we will know what to do. In the event that this happens, which is a possibility, we will react appropriately, but what if it doesn’t happen?

“It is wrong to jump in front of my party to speak on what may or may not happen?”

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