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Karim Benzema’s partner Jordan Ozuna has announced her conversion to Islam



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Ozuna, the mother of Benzema’s fourth child, spoke about her recent conversion to Islam to AS Tikitakas.

Ozuna, born in Maryland, USA, also spoke about the strict dress codes of the Asian country.

On the culture of Saudi Arabia, Ozuna said, “For my part, there is no problem. It is a precious culture, and I am delighted with the adventure.”

Speaking of her conversion, said, “I have converted to Islam. It was here in the Mosque of Madrid. They recite the Qur’an. … It’s a small and intimate ceremony. I cried like a girl. I am very sentimental.”

“I have researched a lot about this religion, and I find it beautiful. Everything I’ve read about her has moved me.

“During Ramadan, I read the Qur’an, and it made me cry. I also read The Sacred Path to Islam , about a Christian who converts to Islam, like me. A really precious book.”

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