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Simi: Reasons Why I Agree To Date Adekunle Gold



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The well-known singer Simisola Kosoko, better known by her stage as Simi, recalls the story of how her husband, Adekunle Gold, kept trying to date her at the start of their relationship. Continue Reading.

In a recent interview with The Beat 99.9 FM in Lagos, Simi said that Adekunle Gold, a.k.a. AG Baby, had been messaging her on Facebook for a while but that she hadn’t noticed until they started dating.

She remembered their initial meeting at one of her shows and how Adekunle Gold’s genuine politeness eventually convinced her to start dating him a few months later.

The amazing singer best known for her song “Stranger,” who also confirmed this, said they dated for five years before getting married in 2019.

She said, however, that his kindness was the reason she agreed to date him.

As she put it;

“I was quite well known in the gospel world. Additionally, at that time, Adekunle Gold had heard my album.

He has been DMing me on Facebook and contacting me there. But until we started dating, I had never seen those DMs.

“I don’t recall how we eventually reconnected. He showed up at Bogobiri’s performance of mine. He wore a white BYC and pants and was really lean at the moment. He came to see me play. I exclaimed, “Oh hey! He thought, “Oh! I’m a huge fan. And I responded, “Okay!” [laughs].

“I’m not sure, but he must have persisted because a friendship resulted from it. He seemed like a pretty lovely guy to me. Later that year, when we had become friends, he asked me out.

“I mean, even though I was acting all confident, I still had nothing. I thought, “Okay, I don’t mind a nice guy,” because he was a kind guy [laughs].

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