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“The first actor in Africa to pilot an aeroplane, he deserves an honorary award”- Journalist shower praise on Yemi my Lover



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Veteran actor Yemi Ayebo popularly known as Yemi My Lover has received praise and acclaim from media journalist Kazeem Adegboyega for his groundbreaking achievement as the first actor in Africa to pilot an aeroplane in a movie.

Adegboyega highlighted the significance of Yemi My Lover’s accomplishment and called for an honorary award to recognize his exceptional contribution to the African film landscape.

In one of his recent post, Adegboyega showered praise on Yemi My Lover, commending his talent, dedication, and trailblazing spirit.

In his words, “The first actor in Africa to pilot an aeroplane in a movie. Yemi Ayebo ( Yemi my lover in the movie #YEMIINTHEMOON in 1994 , 29 years ago).

The nostalgia created by his name alone is enough of an evergreen impact..

At an era where Ogunde’s movies brought shivers to many young children and scared the wits out of them mostly from the witchcraft sceneries, Yemi Ayebo incorporated the Bollywood acts into Yoruba movie productions and boom, it was accepted by all and sundry…

His acts was a revolution in the movie industry, a successful attempt to create an identity for himself…

I wonder how many trendy films of this present time would still have essence, meaning and relevance in ten years to come especially in this insane evolving scope of highly tech generations

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