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Juventus banned from Europe ahead of 2023/24 season



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The Turin-based club, known for their rich footballing history, has experienced numerous off-field controversies, including a match-fixing scandal that led to their relegation from Serie A in 2006.

This time, Juventus faced repercussions for alleged false accounting in their transfer dealings, resulting in a ten-point deduction in May.

In addition to the points deduction, several members of Juventus’ former board, who resigned en masse in November, faced bans from football activities following an investigation by Turin public prosecutors into possible false bookkeeping.

Among those affected was former president Andrea Agnelli. The punishment saw Juventus drop from their second-place position in Serie A, losing their Champions League qualification spot and finishing in seventh place.

Despite the seventh-place finish, which still warranted participation in the Europa Conference League this season, Corriere dello Sport reports that Juventus has reached an agreement with UEFA to withdraw from European competitions altogether for the current campaign.

The decision aims to prevent further sanctions for breaching financial fair play regulations, ultimately safeguarding the club’s aspirations of participating in the prestigious Champions League in the 2024/25 season.

According to sources, Juventus’ new leadership considers the reported agreement with UEFA a manageable sacrifice as they embark on a new chapter in the club’s history. The decision reflects their commitment to rectifying financial irregularities and complying with governing bodies’ regulations

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