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Appointments Based on Merit, Nobody can Use Religion to Divide us, Osun Government replies MURIC



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The government of Osun state has chided Muslim Rights Organisation (MURIC) for its failed bid to foment religious crisis in the state, affirming that Governor Ademola Adeleke’s appointments of commissioners and permanent secretaries are based on merit and competency.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the state government noted that ever since assuming office, Gov Ademola Adeleke has premised his governance decisions on competency and commitment to state duty of appointees in his avowed commitment to deliver on good governance and correct inherited ills from previous governments.

His first appointees occupying commanding heights of the government were appointed not by religion but merit, competency and conformation with his style of leadership.

The same principle of meritocracy which produced the nominated commissioners was applied in the appointments of permanent secretaries who are accounting officers of the ministries. This policy of equity, fairness and competency also guided the many landmark decisions of Mr Governor.

With just eight months in office, the Governor has formed the habit of scouting for the best among indigenes who can support the concerted efforts to rescue the state from the many challenges of under-development, infrastructural deficit and poverty.

It should also be put on record that the Governor’s approach has paid off with superlative delivery and performance which is highly appreciated by Osun indigenes at home and abroad.

It must therefore be noted that no agent of destabilization with mere nuisance value masquerading as a religious body can deploy religion as a partisan tool to divide and distract a government that is busy with correcting ills of the recent past.

Osun state is a highly enlightened society with deep records of religious harmony and close understanding of the Governor as a cosmopolitan leader who has never and will never pander to religious bigotry, ethnic partisanship and unmeritorious decision making.

MURIC should look elsewhere for its merchandise of extremism and division. Religious leaders in Osun understand and support their Governor and their prayers uphold him every second.


Mallam Olawale Rasheed,

Spokesperson to the State Governor

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