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We’re in monarchy, not democracy — Ex-Speaker, Yakubu Dogara



After a prolonged period of silence following the conclusion of the 2023 General Elections, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Barrister Yakubu Dogara, has stated that Nigeria is, in fact, a monarchy rather than a democracy, considering recent actions taken by the President Bola Tinubu-led APC administration.

Yakubu Dogara remarked, “For those who doubt that we are in a monarchy, not a democracy, let me provide one recent example.

After the Executive had raised trillions of Naira through means and methods that lacked explicit legislative authorization and violated the express provisions of Section 38 of the CBN Act of 2007 as amended, the Parliament was asked to approve the advances to the government, which had increased from approximately N789.6 billion in May 2015 to N22.7 trillion in 2023.”

This assertion was made during a paper he presented at a one-day technical session for Speakers of State Houses of Assembly organized by PERL-ECP in collaboration with the Conference of Speakers, held at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, on Thursday, 13th July.

The theme of the session was “Effective Leadership for Emerging Legislatures: Lessons, Challenges, Opportunities, and Recommendations.”

He emphasized that “Section 38 of the CBN Act of 2007, as referred to above, empowers the Bank to grant temporary advances to the government.

However, Sub-Section 2 of the Act clearly limits the amount that can be advanced to the government, stating that the ‘total amount of such advances outstanding shall not at any time exceed five per cent of the previous year’s actual revenue of the federal government.’”

According to him, “The subsequent subsection also clearly stipulates the repayment of such advances, stating explicitly that they ‘shall be repaid as soon as possible and shall, in any event, be repayable by the end of the Federal Government financial year in which they are granted, and if such advances remain unpaid at the end of the year, the power of the Bank to grant such further advances in any subsequent years shall not be exercisable unless the outstanding advances have been repaid.’”

Yakubu Dogara added, “In the days when the powers of the legislature were on the rise, such a request from the Executive would have been rejected outright.

The Parliament was faced with an enormous dilemma because even if it had amended the CBN Act, as was subsequently done in one fell swoop, such a measure cannot legalize the violations of the laws that occurred prior to the amendment.”

He further stated, “Only a rogue legislature would give any legislative measure retrospective effect. However, to demonstrate that we are governed by the whims of powerful individuals and not the law, this blatantly and evidently illegal advance of a staggering N22.7 trillion was passed by one of the Houses of the national parliament.”

The former Speaker noted, “Fortunately, the other House didn’t even consider it. This is just one example; many such cases have become routine in legislatures at all levels.

When there is effective leadership in a legislature that is aware of its responsibilities, the executive cannot approach the legislature to provide legislative endorsement for such brazen illegality.”

He then addressed the Assembly Speakers, stating, “You have been called upon to provide leadership in institutions that safeguard our liberty.

Let me conclude my presentation by urging you, regardless of how you came into office, to spare no effort in curbing executive excesses and holding the executive accountable.”


Ramsdale’s Time At Arsenal Coming To An End —Premier League Legend



Premier League legendary American goalkeeper Brad Friedel has said he is certain that Aaron Ramsdale’s time at Arsenal is coming to an end.

Ramsdale has been overlooked for selection in past two games, with summer signing David Raya getting the nod.

The Spanish goalkeeper joined Arsenal from Brentford on a £3million loan deal with a purchase option of £27m.

Gunners boss Mikel Arteta has insisted to the media that he will pick his goalkeeper based on tactical reasons.

But the fact that Raya has started in both the Premier League and now Champions League has many questioning his statements.

One of those is Friedel, who has the third-most appearances of any goalkeeper in Premier League history.

When asked if it’s over for Ramsdale if Raya starts this weekend’s north London derby against Tottenham, the American replied on talkSPORT: “Absolutely.”

“I thought from the second they signed him they signed him to be the new no.1, I don’t think you pay that much money for someone with one year left on their contract, I know he signed an extra contract and went on loan, but that was for other reasons.

“I think they really liked Raya so when he became available they pushed for him.”

“It’s very harsh on Ramsdale but it’s the coach’s decision,” the former Liverpool and Tottenham keeper said.

“I’m assuming Ramsdale at the end of this season will end up having to do what Matt Turner did at the end of the previous season and find another place to play.

“I know it’s early and people will say you have to see what he does, but I think Raya was brought in as the no.1, you thought maybe they could be swapping if they’d played Ramsdale in the Champions League, but that didn’t happen.

“I think we’ll see Raya in goal and he’ll be the incumbent no.1 this season.”

Ramsdale joined Arsenal in the summer of 2021, leaving Sheffield United in a £30m deal.

Last season the 25-year-old almost helped the Gunners to a first league title in almost two decades, which Friedel thinks will see him join another top club where he can play every match

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Nigerian United fans blame Ten Hag, Glazers for horrible run



The once mighty Manchester United find themselves 13th in the league ahead of tomorrow’s fixture against Burnley and have lost four of their opening six games of a season in all competitions for the first time since 1986/87 which was the same season that Sir Alex Ferguson was called in to take charge of the club which should send a worrying message to Erik Ten Hag.

Wednesday night’s 4-3 heartbreak at the hands of Bayern Munich in the Champions League etched a grim record in history – the first time they’ve conceded three or more goals in three consecutive games since the bleak days of 1978. It’s no disgrace to fall to the might of Bayern Munich, the fact that this came on the heels of 3-1 losses to Brighton and Arsenal in the Premier League reveals an issue at United

In total, the record 20-time league champions have conceded a staggering 14 goals in all competitions, and the heat on Ten Hag is rising like the temperature in the Sahara.

United goalkeeper Andre Onana and the defence have come under fire for the chaotic way they conceded two goals in the first half against Bayern. Onana admitted that his performance against Bayern was responsible for the defeat. “In the beginning we start really good. After my mistake we lose the control of the game,” he admitted.

“It’s a difficult situation for us, for me, especially because I’m the one who let the team down. But the team was very good, I think it was because of me that we didn’t win this game.”

Speaking on TNT Sports, former Man United star Scholes claimed his former side were guilty of collapsing in adversity.

Scholes conceded United had done well to score three times against the German champions on their home turf but believes Bayern could have inflicted even more damage on Ten Hag’s under-pressure team.

“There is a weakness to them,’ Scholes said. “There is a soft underbelly and they do seem to collapse a bit when things are going wrong.

“They scored three goals and that is good, but I felt Bayern could then turn it on and score another. I thought there was a big distance between the teams, in that second half especially.

“First half I thought they did well but still conceded two goals through a lack of concentration. There is experience in the team but I don’t think it is being used. Concentration in Europe is so important, once you concede one goal, it can turn into two and three.”

Some United fans have expressed their displeasure over the poor start of their team to the season with some blaming Ten Hag while majority blamed the ownership under the Glazers.

United fan and journalist, Adekunle Salami believes that the club have not recruited well enough saying, “It is a tough time because the transfer was not well handled, Ten Hag was looking for a striker, we were expecting Osimhen or Harry Kane. Eventually, they said there was no money and they went for Rasmus (Hojlund), someone untested in England, he is just promising, and with such a striker, your chances of fighting for the title are limited.

“It is a slow start, I mean last season, we started equally slow and somehow came up to still finish as third but that is now where Man United should be. We are supposed to be winning titles, not only in England but in Europe so I think this coach is still tinkering with the team which should not be at this time.”

Salami told PUNCH Sports Extra that he believes the Glazers only care about money and not the fans.

“If they sell the club, there will be fresh breath in that team, there will be something new because they (Glazers) are focused on the business end but the fans are not happy, they must have that bragging right, but the Glazers win or lose just want to make their money but fans want to boast of titles and cannot, and that is not good enough,” he said.

Nigerian filmmaker and lawyer, Ayo Shonaiya has criticised Ten Hag’s decision to continue starting Onana in goal.

“I hope I’m not being too alarmist, but I’m beginning to think Andre Onana is not a natural goalkeeper. He’s a midfielder who can play in goal if the keeper gets a red card after all subs are used. Erik Ten Hag, please take note. Don’t let this become another Maguire situation.

“De Gea had a rough start at United then became one of our greatest keepers, but this Onana ball playing keeper I don’t know. How can you collect 14 goals in five games as a United keeper? Sir Alex would drop him for the Burnley game if he was still manager, but I’m sure Ten Hag would still keep his Ajax ‘son’ in goal on Saturday. I really wish he comes good because I kinda like the guy, but if he keeps conceding goals like he has been doing, Onana out,” Shonaiya wrote.

Another United fan, Nurudeen Obalola blamed Ten Hag’s stubborn decisions alongside the inuries they have suffered this season saying, “It is not much of a surprise because we are dealing with injuries, but that is not an excuse, they should be doing better, but the injuries have been a big part.

“As for the coach, he makes some bad selection decisions, and he has been a bit stubborn by sticking to decisions that are not working.”

Tope Fasuyi, a Nigerian in diaspora who used to work as a security personnel at Anfield and witnessed Man United get beaten 7-0 back in March said, “I am tired of supporting Man United because of the Glazers, they don’t seem to care about the protests from fans, the club is big enough and always makes them money so they aren’t chasing results like other owners.

“Then Ten Hag is too stubborn as a manager and rigid. It is almost like he doesn’t adapt to the games as they are going on. Anyone with eyes can see that Eriksen can’t play against a pacy team anymore and his obsession with players trained in Holland has not yielded results on the pitch. If I was Ten Hag I’d resign after this because he even seems to have lost the trust of the dressing room.”

A fan who asked to remain anonymous fan says United have been woeful and queries the passion of the owners.

“For me, it is a horrible start, we can make excuses for the coach and say injuries, a couple of off-field issues, but that said, there hasn’t been one match this season that United have looked like deserving winners.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have owners who care about the club or who are even concerned about the fans, they are just happy to make their dividends each year since the club still makes a lot of money,” she said.

United will look to bounce back against Burnley on Saturday, but the pressure is already on and they need to get three points to lift the doom and gloom surrounding Old Trafford

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Sagamu cultists are from Oyo, Osun – Ogun monarch



The Odofin of Sonyindo in Sagamu and member of the Sagamu Security Committee, Oba Gisanrin Lasisi, talks to OLUMIDE TAIWO about the recent cult clash that claimed eight lives in the area, the curfew imposed by the local government council and ways to curtail the problem

What is your role in Sagamu?

I am Oba Gisanrin Lasisi, the Odofin of Sonyindo, Sagamu, in the Sagamu Local Government Area of Ogun State. Next month will be my 16 years on the throne. I was on the principal cadre in one of the secondary schools in the state before I ascended the throne of my forefathers. I have been a member of the Sagamu Security Committee since my enthronement.

On Monday, the Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, via his X handle, stated that almost everyone young in Sagamu was a cultist. As a community leader in Sagamu, how true is this?

That’s not true. Yes, we have a problem to deal with but that does not mean we have to demonise an average young man in Sagamu. That type of sweeping generalisation is wrong. I know Muyiwa very well; he was with us here in Sagamu when I just became the king. We interacted a lot before (he) moved to the state command (headquarters), Abeokuta, where he became the Police Public Relations Officer and then moved to Lagos. After which he was moved to Abuja as the Force PRO. That generalisation is not the truth. In fact, through our investigation, we found out that many of the cultists were strangers. They are not from Sagamu. Many of those boys are from other states, like Osun, Oyo, and the like. When you hear them speaking, you can easily spot that they are strangers; they really don’t have anything at stake, so destroying a place that is not their root means nothing to them.

Talking about the fight against cultism in Sagamu, I want to say that as traditional rulers, we have not been folding our arms but it is unfortunate that our resolve to fight this menace to a standstill has yielded little result.

On Monday, the Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alamutu, confirmed that eight people were killed during cult clashes in the Sagamu area of the state, though some residents claimed that no fewer than 20 people were killed in the clashes. What have traditional rulers been doing to address this problem?

Yes, there are some I may not divulge all but in the past, we brought out our deities like Oro and Eluku in the night to lay curses on those disturbing the peace of Sagamu and environs. We have also made some of the cultists swear to an oath before our deities that they will not disturb the peace of the town again. There are other things that we are doing that are not for public consumption but it appears as if we had all along been doing nothing about these shameful and horrible acts.

Following the violent cult clashes that left some people dead and others injured in Sagamu, the local government council declared a dusk-to-dawn curfew on commercial motorcycles and tricycles, citing their alleged role in facilitating the escape of the perpetrators involved in the killings. To your mind, what is responsible for the mindless killings?

Sometimes, you really can’t say this is why those young men are maiming and killing one another but many times too, money is involved. For instance, in the one we are just coming out from, we gathered that someone sold a property and gave a group some amount of money but the other group also wanted a share of the money and that was how the battle of supremacy and blood bath started. It is really disturbing and the politicians are also not helping matters.

What do you mean?

When you think you are being patriotic and assisting to strengthen the security architecture of your community and the state and maybe through your efforts, some of the cultists are arrested by the police, after two or three days, you will see them back in the town because one or two politicians have intervened. Another challenge in this fight against cultism is our law. After a cultist is arrested, the police would still demand that you come to the court to serve as a witness. Many people are really not willing to do this because it is quite risky. Or who does not value his precious life? At the end of the whole drama, the cultist would be left off the hook. Such a person (cultist) is back to town feeling so good that even after his arrest nothing could still be done. He would grow more wings and become more daring. It’s really a helpless situation.

Can you confirm that the incessant cult clashes are taking a toll on the socio-economic development of Sagamu?

That may not be incorrect because peace engenders development, so when there is no peace, there can never be development. Look at what happened in Sagamu during the cash crunch crisis early this year when almost all the banks in Sagamu were attacked. Up till today, some banks are still not operating in Sagamu and people have their little money in those banks. So many people have to go outside Sagamu to places like Abeokuta, Ijebu Ode, and NNPC before Ogijo to make banking transactions. If you say you want to do online banking, you will always have issues because unlike before the cash crunch crisis when many people were not used to online banking, many people are using this option now but the facilities have not been expanded to take care of the number of users. So, you will have issues that you will need to get to your bank to solve. Yes, one may safely say that the crisis is hurting our development.

Are you saying that the incident that happened early this year in Sagamu when most of the banks were vandalised was the handiwork of the cultists?

Yes, if a proper x-ray is done, about 60 per cent of those who perpetrated the destruction of properties of such magnitude and the looting of banks that we witnessed at that time were cultists. How can I have a son who lives under my roof, eats my food, and listens to me go join such destructive protests? How can people from good homes join such crazy and criminal protests? It should also be on record that cultism is not only peculiar to Sagamu, it’s a general insecurity challenge in Nigeria. And I also want to say that a broken home is one huge factor that is at the root of cultism. When some of them who were raised by single mothers or fathers get to a certain age, some of them are no longer comfortable living with their stepmothers or fathers or even the concubines that their parents are bringing home. So, they begin to associate with their friends who are providing food, clothes, and shoes for them. These children too want to make money, so they follow their friends who are already cultists and before they know it, they are initiated too.

We also have Yahoo boys, their activities are so much more pronounced in Sagamu than in any other place in the South-West and the majority of them are cultists. Sometimes when they get their fraudulent money, some elderly ones among them want to forcefully share the money with them hence they need a defence mechanism and the one they could readily hide under is cultism. As cultists, they are assured of protection from their colleagues.

Has it always been like this?

It is really worrisome. I think it is a function of the continued deterioration of our society. When we were in the university, cult-related activities were only limited to the campuses and they were not even these brutal. We didn’t see people fighting one another because they belonged to different groups. However, these days, artisans like roadside mechanics, tire technicians, tailors, barbers, and what have you are present-day cultists.

How does substance abuse play a role?

Well, I am not speaking about the general insecurity in the country but from what we are witnessing in Sagamu, we have discovered that there is so much abuse of substances and drugs in the community and that this is one of the things fuelling the cult clashes because some of those boys may not be able to slaughter a fowl if they were not acting under the influence of drugs. We, however, thank the governor because he has promised to look into this and come so hard on these recalcitrant elements. So, I want to say that broken homes, drugs, and the activities of these Yahoo boys are fuelling cultism in Sagamu

How can the police intervene?

They need to be more trustworthy, serve with integrity, and be more reliable. The public should feel safe confiding in them and once they are willing to do this job as the law requires, then we will have made great leaps in dealing with the criminals.

How many cult clashes have been recorded in Sagamu this year?

The clashes have happened three or four times but the recent one was too brutal because of the reprisal.

Were the casualties recorded in the recent one up to 20 as claimed by some residents?

No, it was not up to 20. I think the police said eight or nine but even if it is one soul, it is a terrible loss because you can’t bring that soul back.

It was said that the clash lasted for four days. Why was it allowed to persist for that long?

The police and the community are at fault here because it was like guerrilla warfare. When you hear about the activities of the cultists in one place today, you do not know where the next one will happen.

What is the situation of things now?

The situation is now under control. The Commissioner of Police and the governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, have been here and marching orders have been given to the security outfits to deal decisively with any troublemaker. So, we are all at peace now.

Within the given situation I think the police should be ready to synergise and work hand in hand with traditional rulers like never before. Cooperation is more needed now than ever before because of the increase in criminal activities.

Ritual killing has also been a concern for residents in Ogun State. Do you think there is a connection with cultism?

I strongly believe that there is a connection between the two evils of ritual killings and cultism. Let’s take a look at this. Ritual killings are associated with Yahoo boys – internet fraudsters – and they are also associated with cultism. So, there is a strong connection between the two. Sometimes, cultists cut off the wrists of their victims and go away with them and I usually ask: What for? What are they doing with those parts of the body?

The governor said he might be forced to enact laws that will make cultism attract the death sentence. What is your take on this?

Yes, I am in support of any moves to end the mindless killings, though I have my reservations because of our present criminal procedure which centres on having a witness who will stand in the court and point to a cultist as the murderer. Who is ready to bell the cat? Let’s be hopeful anyway.

Sometimes, when I see able-bodied men clustering around doing nothing early in the morning, I am not always happy. I tell them about the importance of being gainfully engaged. That’s another area we must look at to address this problem of cultism. Many of the youths have nothing to do. They don’t have skills, what they only want is easy money, and many don’t want to work. It is really sad the kind of children we have these days and that is why as parents, we must be more committed to Godly parenting. We were also brought up in Sagamu and we are adding value to the community

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