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I knew something was wrong with me when I noticed my younger brother was taller than me–Chinedu Ikedieze



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Renowned Nigerian actor, Chinedu Ikedieze, popularly known as Aki, bravely opened up about his height for the very first time. During a recent interview with media personality Chude, Chinedu shared that he became aware of his height difference when he noticed his younger brother was taller than him at just six years old.

Chinedu went on to discuss the challenges he faced while growing up. He recounted that during conflicts with his siblings, they would use the same name that other kids would tease him with. He explained that his mother advised him to focus on his education since he couldn’t engage in physically demanding tasks due to his condition. This realization marked the point when he recognized that education was his key to conquering the world.

“In his Words,” Chinedu recalled, “At the age of 6, I knew something was wrong with me subconsciously when I noticed that my younger brother was taller than me. And sometimes when I have misunderstandings with my siblings, they used the same name that they try to fight other kids from calling me. My mum would tell me, you know you are small, you cannot go and start carrying cement, you cannot go and start carrying wood and say you want to be a carpenter, you know you cannot do all these things, so the best thing for you is to study. So I knew the only weapon I had to conquer the world is just by going to school,” Chinedu Ikedieze shared, sparking a significant response from the public

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