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“WAEC 2023”: Chats Leak as Student Blocks All Family Members Including Mum and Dad Over Result



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Trending WhatsApp chats between a Nigerian boy and his family members have caused a buzz online

In the screenshots shared on Facebook, the boy’s father first sent a message inquiring about his WASSCE result

However, the student got triggered by the question and proceeded to block all his family members including his mother.

Social media has been abuzz with a viral conversation between a young student and his family members.

The boy’s father sent a message to him on WhatsApp inquiring about his West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE).

However, this question annoyed the child, Isaac, who immediately blocked his father from sending a message to him.

Isaac blocks all family members on WhatsApp

Shortly afterwards, his mother and other family members sent him messages and he ended up blocking all of them.

Another screenshot shared by Kogba Gidi on Facebook showed that the boy also left his family group chat.

The screenshots were shared on Facebook with the caption:

“Everybody come and see what waec result turn a whole family to.”

Reactions as man blocks family members over WASSCE result

Austaaa said:

“Parents have to learn to stop criticising kids with their words and reactions. If you failed waec, life doesn’t end there.”

Rare said:

“My sister didn’t score any F but she didn’t make any As. We were kinda the ones saying she didn’t study well but my mom hugged her and said that she did well. As long as other combinations of subjects are good, she can easily switch to any courses.”

Az Uni said:

“I wrote 3 external exams before I could get a good result and enter university and at the end of the day it was still 2 sitting I used.”

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