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I’m Confident APC Will Reclaim Osun In 2026 – Aregbesola



The former Governor of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, has expressed optimism that the core progressives will return to power in the state in 2026.

Aregbesola, said with the efforts of the Omoluabi Caucus he is leading, the party will return to winning ways, only if members can unite above their sentiments and join forces with the tendency.

He said the current state of the party is not novel, which stakeholders in the caucus are definitely capable of handling to resuscitate the party back to governing Osun State.

The immediate-past Minister of Interior stated this in an exclusive interview with OSUN DEFENDER TV.

According to Aregbesola, the tendency needs the contributions of every member irrespective of status or background to strengthen the existing bond the foundation members of the party have with the people of the state.

His words: “We must equally realise that very few political leaders generate the enthusiasm we generate whenever we move in any part of the state. I am not bragging about it. I am using it to thank God. I am using it to draw attention of people that there is something important about our personality. So for those who are therefore not happy with that, they are fighting God. What is good for me is just to be quiet about them. I don’t have any response to them.

“Because it is what we rallied in 2020 which by their own attitude rejected on that brought them down ultimately. What happened in 2020 to 2022 is the fact that having learnt that lesson, we will use a different approach. Go and read my statement that I made both in Yoruba and English, we are clear. How many of them were even with us when we began this? I don’t want to mention names. How many of them were there when we began in 2004.

“People have forgotten that there was no progressive party any more here by the time we came in 2004. So what is my business with people who are just crying, when there is no need for it. What they should do is to embrace us. People have forgotten that by 2022 December, we told the whole world that the humiliation we suffered at the poll in July 2022, was to know that we should all come together on a unified campaign platform to revenge the calamity of a repeat.

“Were we listened to? No. We were labelled, we were castigated and condemned. So the issue is not about us, but the difference now, between what we have said before and now, we want accomodation of all, but if those who think they know it all or they have it all agree, we are ready to work with anybody because progressive tradition is natural to us, we can’t do otherwise.

“As to whether some people worked for another party, let me repeat myself, after you might have become victorious in any state, you are no longer the governor of the party, you are the governor of the state. That’s the meaning of democracy. People confidently forget that all the people in political parties are usually less than 10% of the electorate. No one, all parties combined, do not have more than 10% of the population of the electorate.

“Popular elections are not party elections, parties only present candidates and work for their candidates. Those who vote for or against the party are general public. They are electorates. Being the governor of a state therefore, made me a public figure. There are those who don’t belong to the party that are my favorites, just I have people among them who do not like me. There are people in my party who prefer me to others no matter what, there are those who will not want me. It is normal. So how do I therefore, what power do I have, to manipulate the mind of adults when democracy is about choice.

“Democracy is about a father not being able to force his children who are adults on who to vote for. A husband can not force his wife and a wife can not force her husband. So why should the choice of anybody be my own problem? I can’t understand. It tells you the mindset of those you are dealing with. They don’t even understand democracy and what its means. Politics is contest and competition for power.

“The duty of a politician is to mobilize people to accept his own agenda. It is not in democratic and political activities to pregenhole. No. You don’t discriminate. You must get people around you. So, what we have settled is to use out charisma, our God’s living grace and talent to mobilize maximally for our party. I want to assure you by the grace of God, it is almost certain, that we are taking over the state in 2026,” Aregbesola concluded.

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Osun Pensioners: Governor Adeleke is Committed to Payment of Pensions, Entitlements



The government of Governor Ademola Adeleke has reacted to the rumor of accrued pensions not paid by his government as alleged by opposition in the state, upon which some unscrupulous elements are allegedly planning a protest march.

We want the public to note that the current government has been consistent in paying some of the accrued pensions, owed by previous governments, from inception of his administration

While we have ascertained and confirmed that the rumour of a planned protest is not true,we alert the public to the spreading of the fake news designed to offend and confuse the contributory pensioners who are strong supporters of Governor Adeleke.

We assert that the pensioners and other stakeholders are aware of sustained efforts of the current government to pay up the inherited pensions.

It may also interest stakeholders to note that the Governor has 48 hours ago directed the hosting of an emergency consultative meeting with contributory pensioners to table full data before them and agree on a path to further payments.

Details of the meeting are to be communicated to relevant stakeholders.

Ahead of the meeting, we take liberty to release part of the records with renewed commitment of the administration to accelerate the payment process.

The records according to the Local Government Staff Pension Bureau in the state, shows that the government of Ademola Adeleke has made payment to both the contributory pensioners and old pensioners in the state, with effect from 28th November, 2022 till date.

The breakdown is as follows:

MONTHLY PENSION (Old Pension Scheme) – Three billion naira (N3 billion).

PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHERS – Two billion, nine hundred and sixteen million, two hundred and twenty-four thousand, three hundred and forty-one naira and thirty kobo (N2,916,224,341: 30).

LOCAL GOVERNMENT STAFF PENSIONERS – One billion, Sixty-two million, Four Hundred and Sixty-nine thousand, Seven hundred and Forty-three naira, Eighty-six Kobo (N1,062,469,743 : 86).

Regarding Death Benefits:

PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHERS – Three hundred and Twenty-four million, Two hundred and Eighty-nine thousand, Five hundred and Ninety naira, Sixty-two Kobo (N324,289,590: 62).

LOCAL GOVERNMENT STAFF PENSIONERS – Nine-six million, One hundred and Eighty-one thousand, Thirty-two naira, Ninety-two Kobo (N96,181,032: 92).

MONTHLY PENSION (Contributory Pension) Remittances:

PRIMARY SCHOOL – One billion, Eighty-three million,One hundred and Ninety-seven thousand,two hundred and Sixty-five naira, Thirty-six Kobo (N1,083,197,265:36).

LOCAL GOVERNMENT STAFF PENSIONERS – Six hundred and One million, Seven hundred and Seventy-four thousand, Thirty-two naira, Thirty-two kobo (N601,774,032:32).


PRIMARY SCHOOL – One billion, Nine hundred and Eleven million, Three hundred and Seventy thousand, Two hundred and Eleven naira, Forty-four Kobo (N1,911,370,211:44).

LOCAL GOVT STAFF PENSIONERS – Seven hundred and Eight million, Forty-one thousand, Three hundred and Seventy-eight naira, Ninety-seven Kobo (N708,041,378:97).

The government appreciates the Pensioners and especially the contributory pensioners for their understanding, resilience and appreciation of the high level of commitment already shown by the government and urge them to distance themselves from evil operatives of the previous regime who were responsible for the pension debt in the first place.

As we remind the public and pensioners that Governor Adeleke has workers welfare as a number on his agenda, we affirm that the Governor has the best interest of workers, pensioners and the public at heart and his government will therefore not under any circumstances deny retirees their due rights and privileges.

The government reiterates its commitment to the good people of Osun state, and asked that the lying opposition party be shunned, as they are mischief makers.


Oluomo Kolapo Alimi

Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment

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Mohbad: I Disguised To Candlelight, Shameful Things People Did – FPRO



The Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has said that he was one of those who attended the candlelight and night of tribe held for Ilerioluwa Aloba, aka Mohbad, in Lagos.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police, however, said the conduct of some of those there did not serve the purpose.

In a tweet on his X handle, Adejobi said inasmuch as candlelight processions are a right, it should be done with decorum.

He tweeted: “None could recognise me, I disguised.

“But I intentionally attended to see things for myself and have an opinion about the whole thing.

“I gathered some intelligence there yesterday.

“Sincerely, many guys are our problem.

“You dey mourn, u con dey smoke, dey hit or attack people, dey drive reckless, etc.

“May his soul rest in peace.

“While I commend the organisers of the lagos procession for their steadfastness and understanding.

“I hope others will emulate them.

“It’s reasonable to end all processions at the latest 7pm.

“Candle light procession is a rite and must be purposeful.”

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Ramsdale’s Time At Arsenal Coming To An End —Premier League Legend



Premier League legendary American goalkeeper Brad Friedel has said he is certain that Aaron Ramsdale’s time at Arsenal is coming to an end.

Ramsdale has been overlooked for selection in past two games, with summer signing David Raya getting the nod.

The Spanish goalkeeper joined Arsenal from Brentford on a £3million loan deal with a purchase option of £27m.

Gunners boss Mikel Arteta has insisted to the media that he will pick his goalkeeper based on tactical reasons.

But the fact that Raya has started in both the Premier League and now Champions League has many questioning his statements.

One of those is Friedel, who has the third-most appearances of any goalkeeper in Premier League history.

When asked if it’s over for Ramsdale if Raya starts this weekend’s north London derby against Tottenham, the American replied on talkSPORT: “Absolutely.”

“I thought from the second they signed him they signed him to be the new no.1, I don’t think you pay that much money for someone with one year left on their contract, I know he signed an extra contract and went on loan, but that was for other reasons.

“I think they really liked Raya so when he became available they pushed for him.”

“It’s very harsh on Ramsdale but it’s the coach’s decision,” the former Liverpool and Tottenham keeper said.

“I’m assuming Ramsdale at the end of this season will end up having to do what Matt Turner did at the end of the previous season and find another place to play.

“I know it’s early and people will say you have to see what he does, but I think Raya was brought in as the no.1, you thought maybe they could be swapping if they’d played Ramsdale in the Champions League, but that didn’t happen.

“I think we’ll see Raya in goal and he’ll be the incumbent no.1 this season.”

Ramsdale joined Arsenal in the summer of 2021, leaving Sheffield United in a £30m deal.

Last season the 25-year-old almost helped the Gunners to a first league title in almost two decades, which Friedel thinks will see him join another top club where he can play every match

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