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Group lauds Governor AbdulRazaq’s developmental strides



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A socio-political group in Kwara State, Youths for Democracy and Change (YDC), has commended Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq for his developmental strides over the years, saying the impacts are readily accessible to all in the state.

The group made this known in a statement issued by its Director of Media and Publicity, Abdulbaki Kure, on Friday.

According to the group, Governor AbdulRazaq has birthed a new Kwara that every well-meaning citizen is proud to identify with.

Youth for Democracy and Change condemned the Kwara Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for appointing a notorious fake news peddler, Olushola Olusegun Sholyment, as its Publicity Secretary.

The group expressed surprise that it’s yet to dawn on the opposition party that the people of the state are no longer bamboozled by unintelligent propaganda and fake news.

“Sholyment has started the assignment for which he was appointed, and just like his predecessor Olatunji Moronfoye who tells lies unashamedly, he’ll also be frustrated when he sees that his efforts are not yielding any meaningful result. We just hope that it won’t be too late for him.

“We expect young people like Sholyment to find something meaningful to do with their lives rather than being wilful tools of propaganda in the hands of some displaced politicians. Can the leader who asked them to spread propaganda and fake news appoint his son to do that kind of dirty job? Sholyment has been nabbed by the law enforcement agency overtime for spreading fake and false news. He is also standing trial for spreading fake news. But all these experiences have not taught him any lesson. His predecessor Moronfoye was also charged to court for alleged diversion of public funds. Why does Kwara PDP like to appoint people of questionable character as their spokespersons to rebrand the image of the soiled party? Can urine purify defecation?

“We wish to however tell the PDP that they will have a difficult task to paint the present government bad because all indicators show Kwara is progressing. This administration has committed billions of naira to infrastructural renewal at basic schools alone. Whereas the people in PDP chose to divert SUBEB grant during their reign.

“Kwara State has reduced learning deprivation in basic schools from 70.8% to 51.6%. The share of students without teachers’ attention has been cut from 13% to 6%. The state emerged recently as the best in the whole of North Central on primary healthcare delivery. The issue of non-payment of salaries and amputated salaries has left us in Kwara. We appreciate all these indices of progress recorded so far and many more. Kwara PDP will only make itself stupid to rewrite the narrative in our state.

“Finally, we urge the current administration under the able leadership of Governor AbdulRazaq to not be deterred by the ranting of the PDP elements. It is a fake party known for falsehood and propaganda.”


Abdulbaki Kure

Director of Media and Publicity

Youth for Democracy and Change


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