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How I Became A Threat To Other Housemates — Alex BBN



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Alex Asogwa, recently evicted from the Big Brother House All Stars edition, shares in this interview with CECILIA WILLIAMS and FRIDAOS ODEYALE, details of her experiences in the house, her bond with other housemates and her unwavering commitment to being true to herself.

What happened between you and Pere, and why do you think your relationship deteriorated so fast?

I think it was generally because of a clash of personalities. We have different personalities, and we were just running on different wavelengths

Do you think Big Brother’s decision was the right one regarding your altercation with Pere?

I wasn’t expecting a better judgment because when the clip was playing, the conversation started in the middle and they had put music over what was going on, so I wasn’t really expecting him to get punished at all. I thought I was going to be the only one getting punished because of the way they played it.

Just before you left, you made a statement that some people are currently in the house because you stood. What did you mean by that?

The people that I spoke about, when they come out they will know themselves. I still maintain that some people were sitting in the house because I stood. I already knew what was going on, I already saw it, but the only thing was that I noticed it late. I didn’t notice how much of a competition I was to other housemates. I knew that they were going to want to take me out. I knew a lot of things were going on. I just knew I was going home. The people I was talking about know themselves, it had nothing to do with Cross.

I went into the house hoping that all of us would live in peace and love, I had no idea that the moment I walked in I was in the competition. I’m not upset about it; I just have a very strong personality. I know that I don’t need alliances to do well. I didn’t need it outside here the first time, I don’t need it now, and I still will not need it.

Considering the way things turned out, are there things that you wish that you had done differently?

I made my mistakes; I should have trusted my instincts more. The thing is, when I went into the house, there was a lot of advice that there’s a way you play the game now. You need to pay the influencers to talk positive about you and talk negative about other people. I was supposed to pay for media narratives, but I’m not that kind of person. I don’t believe in paying for somebody else’s downfall. I thought it was All Stars, everybody just needed to come with their characters. There was no need to bring anybody down. I don’t want to say that I regret not paying because even if I had paid anybody at any point, I wouldn’t pay to bring anybody down.

But then, in the house I should have trusted my instincts more because a lot of times when it hit me that I was on my own, I always tried to push it away. I was sure that there were people that were for me in the house. But one thing I know is when I look around, I always say there’s not a person in this house that would put Alex first. The only time I had that was for two weeks and that was when Prince came into the house. Before he came and after he left. I was alone. I should have tried more to protect my peace. One thing I know is that people told me that I went from love and light to being angry that it doesn’t make any sense. Everyone saw outside of here how people sat down to discuss how to bring Alex down, so anyhow I reacted was very valid. I had a very strong spirit that was telling me things that I wasn’t even supposed to know. How would I have known that people were conspiring against me? I had no idea but I just felt it in my soul and in my spirit. I should have trusted my instincts. The only time that I trusted my instincts was when I was going home. I said it a week before that once I’m up I’m going home. The moment I gave Cross all my coins and he bought immunity; I knew I was going home.

There’s a certain narrative about Ilebaye that she was bullied. A lot of people feel like you helped to build that narrative.

I don’t know because I wasn’t watching the show. I don’t know how they saw it. All I know from this is that I saw somebody that I cared about, and I felt the need to be there for her on days when she was down. I don’t know how it was perceived outside of here. I’ve not even sat down to watch a lot of things. I said inside the house that I don’t want to hear things outside the house, I don’t want anybody to tell me anything. I don’t know how that narrative came about. I just really liked Baye and I felt the need to be there for her the same as I would for any other friend that I loved in the house, and I was there for a lot of people

Tell us about your relationship with CeeC.

After the reunion, we had a hug and we could actually coexist in this world without having issues. Yes, there was an argument, but we have some kind of similarities, and we also have our differences. We’re very outspoken and we still found a way to reconcile. If you ask me how we reconciled, I really have no idea. I just know we had a task together, and from there we started to talk and that’s it.

What is the relationship between you and Prince?

Prince and I have been friends for a very long time even before Big Brother. I have been friends with Prince’s elder sister for years, and then it’s only natural that I see my own person and I know that this is the person who has my back in the house.

Who are you voting for to win the N120 million?

Either the one with God’s grace or the best game player; the person that they want to win or the person that people vote for to win one.

Do you think your personality played a part in you getting evicted?

I’m actually a nonconformist. The mom e n t that I knew I was going to have issues on the shows was when I read that we’re allowed to connive to see who we would nominate. I knew that it was going to be very hard for me because I knew we were going to be playing very dirty. I don’t play dirty in games or in life so I knew I was going to have an issue. Alex is always Alex. When people say we behave differently in extreme conditions, it doesn’t apply to me.

There seems to be some controversy surroundingwhatPrincesaidorwhathedidnot say to you. To clarify, what did he tell you?

This is not me trying to defend my friend. Prince told nobody nothing. When I came out, some of the organisers were asking, “Why is everybody in the show saying that Prince said something? We didn’t hear from the back-end, and they heard everything.” Now I realise that he was given a task to make the house peaceful. He came into the house and gave everybody advice. He said, “all of you are just fighting all the time.”

When Prince came, I was lighter. I felt like a child that just found candy. I just found peace and I stayed there. I didn’t also want to ask him questions so that he doesn’t get into trouble. I’m sure there are some things that he cannot say. So, if Prince could not tell me who was his closest friend in the house, he wouldn’t go and tell any other person.

He’s always stopping me from having arguments with other housemates. I was the only one that did not decide that he was trying to protect me from having arguments. If I had gotten the message that he was passing to me, I would have just endured everything that was happening to me the way I was enduring it. When I came out and then I saw there was an initial plan to get me disqualified I knew that it was why all these things were happening to me. I also just saw that it’s not everything that happens that people see. A lot of people did not see what happened to me. What happened to me was silent, and a lot but my reactions were loud. It’s that loud and few that people have decided to hold on to and I won’t blame them. They reacted based on what they saw. When they showed the argument that we had, there was music over our initial conversation before I stood up and I won’t blame them for seeing it that way

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