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Ilobu/Ifon: Despite curfew by state govt, seven houses burnt in Ilobu community



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Despite the intervention of the Osun State Government in the communal clash between Ifon and Ilobu communities, arsonists razed not less than seven houses on Friday.

The government directed a cease fire and imposed curfew on the warring communities after a meeting with community leaders on both sides.

The Public Relations Officer of Ilobu Development Union, Mr Tairu Babatunde, in a statement on Friday said seven houses were burnt after the government met with leaders of the two communities.

He blasted security arrangements for allowing the crisis to fester despite assurances by the government after cease fire order and imposition of curfew on the communities.

Babatunde said: “The seven houses razed between Thursday night and Friday morning belong to Ilobu indigenes and these things happened after the curfew had been imposed on the two communities.

“The 24-hour curfew is not enough if lives and property of the people are still not safe, hence, we plead with the state government to ensure that adequate personnel are deployed in the communities to restore law and order.”

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