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Saraki is now a political orphan by Sakariyahu AbdulRasheed



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Bukola Saraki, the leader of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara State, was once the most powerful politician in the state. He wielded an unprecedented level of power, even more than the man who established the now-defunct Saraki dynasty. However, today, he is a political orphan.

In one of his songs, Odolaye Aremu warns leaders who rule with an iron fist and look down on others. He advises them to be cautious and exercise restraint. Perhaps Saraki did not heed this advice when he was in control. He was authoritarian, disrespectful, and unreceptive.

If he had exercised restraint, as Odolaye advises in his song, perhaps he would not have fallen from grace, from being a kingmaker to a commoner and a political orphan. Unfortunately, Saraki seems not to have learned any lessons from his downfall, as he continues to wield non-existent power tyrannically.

This essayist expected him to have learned from his mistakes, but he has not. He begs Kwarans almost every day to let him come back to rule them, yet he has failed to be accountable, receptive, and benevolent with power, which was part of why they sacked him and his accomplices in 2019.

Why did Saraki remove and replace the Kwara PDP youth leader, Haliru Dantsoho, who asked who received the 2023 campaign fund and how it was spent? The tyrant and unresponsive leader of fake news peddlers sacked him when he was supposed to answer his questions.

Thanks to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) at the national level for frowning at his decision on the Youth leader and rejecting the kangaroo executives he presented. The party made him understand that it was not oppressive and lawless like him. He was then admonished to follow the rules subsequently. Let’s hope he would.

Saraki would have earned applause from this essayist for his kangaroo state executives, primarily youths if he had copied Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq’s youth and women inclusion kind of politics, word for word. But why did the former go for the fake news peddlers and alarmists in the state? The latter goes for the most outstanding and resourceful youths.

Also, Governor AbdulRazaq follows due process in appointing youth and women in the state, unlike Saraki, who uses force. Someone needs to tell the former senate president that his politics cannot work in Kwara today. Our people deserve an empathetic, kind, and receptive leader, not someone who cannot give a proper account of campaign fund

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