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EFCC promise to recover stolen loots, warns Nigerian to shun corruption



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The Executive Chairman Economic financial and Crimes commission, EFCC Mr Ola Olukoyede has reiterated the commission’s commitment to fight corruption to standstill in Nigeria, stating that some individuals believed Nigeria is doom, but Mr Olukoyede restates that the country is not doom.

The EFCC chairman who stated this in Abuja during the walk to commemorate International day fight against corruption added that the commission under his watch will continue it’s fight against corruption in Nigeria.

The EFCC Chairman further added that the commission will create a financial discipline in the country to block loopholes with new ideas of preventing some elements of state in syphoning and embezzling public funds for their personal use.

“We will fight corruption to standstill with your support,the support of the judiciary,the support of the Executive, the support of the legislature we will move forward, under the new dispensation of the EFCC, we have three cardinal objectives, we are refocusing the fight against corruption in Nigeria, we are going to do it in such a way that we will promote genuine businesses, we will create financial discipline in our government, we are coming out with a new idea of prevention, according to the popular saying, Prevention is better than cure.

We are going to block the loopholes,those who are planning to steal Nigeria’s money we are going to come after them,we are going to reduce the opportunity, we are in a era of new budget, I can assure you my people, we’re going to work with all the gatekeepers of our finances in Nigeria, he kobo that is released we will traced it” Olukoyede said

Mr Olukoyede while warning foreign countries who harbours and keep looted funds to return it to the country in due time said, the commission will not rest on it’s oars until all looted funds are recovered

We are sending a message to the countries that are the one’s keeping our loots, all the international communities we’re going to come after you, we will collect our money back,those who are keeping our money are more corrupt than us, we will run after them, we will collect our money from them and use it to develop our country (Nigeria), it may be hard and tough but we will get there, he added

The Chairman who promised to use the instrumentality of anti-corruption to promote business, prosecute looters, and follow to the latter the mandate given to the commission in the Anti-corruption act.

He thereby urged Nigerians to join hands and support the Renewed hope agenda of President Bola Tinubu

While Speaking the Commissioner of Police, FCT Police command CP Garba Haruna who represented the Inspector General of Police, IGP Kayode Egbetokun stated that if Nigerians can tackle corruption the nation will be prosperous, adding that Nigeria is a great country.

CP Garba added that Nigeria have potentials to be great if able to annex resources without corruption,the nation will be able to provide in abundance

It is a collective and collaborative efforts of all to tackle corruption in Nigeria he said

He urged Nigerians to support the Economic financial and Crimes commission to tackle corruption so as to have food on the table of the upcoming generations.

Stakeholders from Civil societies organizations, Nigeria Union of Teachers, Nigeria Air force, VGN, Corp Members among others were part of the exercise.


Olufemi Atoyebi Write from FCT Abuja

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