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Why Tinubu won’t stop intervening in states’ crises — Presidency



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The Presidency has justified President Tinubu’s intervention in states battling political crises such as Ondo and Rivers.

Presidential spokesman, Ajuri Ngelale, said President Bola Tinubu will continue to intervene in state’s political crisis in the larger interest of the country.

Ngelale, who is the president’s official spokesman, said this yesterday. He was justifying President Tinubu’s intervention in states battling political crises. One of such states is Rivers. Another is Ondo.

Recall that the President had invited the parties in the political crisis in both states for a parley in Abuja. On each occasion, the President had been accused of meddlesomeness and dictatorial tendencies.

However, speaking on a Channels TV programme yesterday, Ngelale said Tinubu did the right thing.

Ngelale said: “That has nothing to do with, of course, political development, destabilisation of a particular region or state or subnational entity that could potentially turn into a national conflagration.

“If the President sees that, he is not going to sit by as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and fold his hands and keep quiet. I think that is what he has done.

“That is to say if you are the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and your primary objective is to make sure that the Nigerian people are safe; that they are able to operate in an environment that is stable and does not place them in any form of insecurity, then you know that if a political crisis is devolving into something that is generating manmade insecurity, then the President needs to step in and he took that wise decision to step in,” the presidential aide maintained.”

Meanwhile, since Tinubu intervened in Ondo and Rivers, there has been relative stability. But reactions to his methods still thrive.

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