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2024: I’ll transform Osun from civil service to industry-focused economy — Gov Adeleke



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Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State has revealed that his dream is to gradually transform the state’s economy from its civil service status to a modern agro-industrial based, creative industry-focused one.

He also held that such diversification with a functioning cargo/commercial airport will grow Osun as an export-oriented economy as well as a global tourist destination being the host of important Yoruba cultural assets.

He made this known in his new year address on Monday, January 1, 2024, in Osogbo.

In order to achieve this, Governor Adeleke revealed the recently signed 2024 budget will encompass plans and agenda for reconstruction and eventual recovery.

He also restated his commitment to the principles guiding the five-point agenda of his administration revealing that his government has devised wholesale approach to governance.

He added that he has faith in transparency and accountability, open government, localisation, responsive leadership, and attunement to citizens’ aspirations which are the guiding principles of his five-point agenda.

He disclosed that in the last 12 months, his administration has achieved a lot by enduring belt tightening measures and denying themselves of many perquisites of office.

“As a Governor, my official expenditures are covered through the approval process rather than security votes, thereby assuring transparency and accountability.

“As of today, our administration is struggling to purchase official vehicles for the state cabinet because the officials of the previous government bolted with state vehicles. So our cabinet and other top officials have been using their private cars since we appointed them into office. Also, we are still working to renovate the official quarters vandalized by the officials of previous governments. Many of our top officials still operate from their private houses,” he said.

“Despite the above handicap, our team is determined to continue to deliver on our electoral promises. I am glad to report with gratitude to God that we have remained responsive to the will and aspirations of our people. We get positive feedback, and we are satisfied with our high approval ratings.

“We are challenged to do more. We are prepared to make corrections where necessary as much as we will remain uncompromising when it comes to anti-corruption drive, transparency, and accountability as well due process. As I always affirm, our tenure is married to the rule of law and fear of God.”

While reminding the residents of the serious economic challenges that Osun and other states in the federation are encountering, he commended President Bola Tinubu for his relentless action towards economic restoration.

He also assured that the various intervention funds received from the Federal Government and development partners were being carefully applied for various purposes as designed.

“Our administration has big ambitions to develop our dear state. We seek to bridge the developmental gap, to combine human and physical development. We are in a hurry to achieve both human and capital growth. My people, it is achievable. It is doable.

“In the new year, we will refocus attention on cushioning current economic hardship while at the same time building the state economic base. Both goals are achievable, as we have demonstrated in the last one year,” he said

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