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Adeleke unveils statues of brother, other former governors



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History was yet again made in Osun State as the Governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke alongside Mrs Adenike Adeleke the wife of his brother and first Executive Governor of the state, Late Sen Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke unveiled the statues of former governors of Osun State, a symbolic recognition of the history of leadership in the state.

The day also witnessed the commissioning of the Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke Memorial Park and Garden, a park situated within the circle of the symbolic monument with close proximity to the seat of power, Abeere, Osun State, the state secretariat.

The Governor who commissioned the memorial circle in company of the wife of the first executive governor, Mrs Adenike Adeleke who also serves as the Honorable Commissioner for Federal Affairs in Osun State stated that the motivation behind the symbolic monument was to preserve the memories of the previous leaders and for the circle and garden to serve as a collection point for Leadership History of that State.

In his words “My vision is to preserve the fond memories of past Governors among which my brother, Governor Adeleke was the pioneer occupant of the democratic leadership. I seek a point where our young ones can access details of who has governed Osun state and years of their service to the state.

“We also have a park at the circle where our people can hold meetings and relax while in the capital for one task or the other. I am preserving the good work of our leaders. My sacred responsibility is to build on the records and experiences of former leaders to further develop our state.

“While my brother was the first executive Governor of the state, it has pleased God to make me the sixth state Governor. With that heavy burden of leadership, I am pushed to work harder and sustain my brother’s legacy of good governance and human development.

“I must perform and I am performing. I must deliver and I’m delivering. The best way to uphold the legacy of former Governors and especially my late brother, is to deliver on good governance”, the Governor affirmed.

Mrs Adenike Adeleke, considers this a great feat in engraving the memories of the her late husband, in the sands of time and history in Osun State. She further appreciates the Executive Governor for the ubiquitous initiative driven to sustain the legacies of his Brother and other past governors of the state.

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