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I have made my decision, says Victor Osimhen



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Victor Osimhen has disclosed to the media that he has decided on the next step to be taken amidst his club crises.

During an interview with CBS, he said, “I have already made my decision on the next step to do at the end of the season. I already made up my mind. I already have my plan; I know what I want to do, the next step I want to take.”

When asked about speculations regarding his potential move to Premier League clubs like Chelsea and Arsenal, he responded by stating that nothing is confirmed at the moment.

He said he intended to finish the season strongly with Napoli, after which he would make his plan.

“I think 60% of the people mention the rumours about me linked with the Premier League.”

“Premier League is one of the biggest leagues in the world. I want to finish the season with Napoli strong and then come up with the decision I’ve already made,” Osimhen said.


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