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Man alleges Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour’s Wife of withholding salary, husband hints at settlement



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Chike Jones, a netizen, has accused Ify Rhodes-Vivour, wife of the Labour Party (LP) candidate in the 2023 governorship in Lagos State, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, of owing his salary.

Chike worked as a content creator and social media manager for, owned by Ify Rhodes-Vivour, and said he was owed for over eight months.

He published screenshots confirming delays in salary payments and noted that payment delays started in 2019, with cases of salary being held for months.

“Sometimes I think in 2019, I started working for #IfyAniebo as several things, including a writer and social media manager on this project -#afroscientric.

“Not long after, I realised that getting paid on time was a problem. The salary was delayed sometimes for months. If you look at the dates in the screenshots below, you’ll see me asking for payments well after the end of the month. I didn’t consider it a big issue,” Chike wrote.

According to Chike, in May 2020, she complained about his performance and had to pay only a part of his salary for a particular month after some months.

He said the payment issue continued despite increasing performance and adding an Instagram Live series on women in STEM.

He added, “In January 2021, Ify secured a project from Nature (the journal) and appointed me a project manager, promising a separate payment from my monthly salary of N80,000.

“I contributed significantly to the project, handling invoicing, website design, and leading meetings.

Chike said when the project was completed, she reneged on their agreement regarding separate payments.

He said he insisted on the agreed terms and offered a breakdown, making Ify promise a bonus for his work during the project.

However, Chike said Ify did not pay the salary she owed him despite continuous follow-ups from December 2021 to May 2022.

He said when he reached out to her in May 2022 concerning the owed salary; she alleged he bombarded her and said she would not pay.

Ify and her husband, Gbadebo, have, however, reacted to the allegations.

“I am aware of the statements made by a former staff member engaged in rendering services to Afroscientric. Rest assured, I take this matter seriously, and I’m actively addressing it to ensure a timely resolution.

“It’s important to note that the recent tweets do not accurately reflect my character and the reputation I’ve worked hard to cultivate over the years,” Ify wrote.

Gbadebo wrote on his X account on Tuesday: “I have spoken to Chike and extended an olive branch in acknowledgement of an episode that I hope we can put behind us and look to better days ahead.”


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