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Osun Youth Conference Set to Ignite Innovative Elevation in Oshogbo



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The eagerly awaited Osun Youth Conference & Award is all set to commence on February 15, 2024, at the prestigious OSHOGBO Grammar School main auditorium. The event, which happens annually, is the largest convergence of Osun youth as active citizens in the state, where they come together to engage in thought-provoking discussions about issues that deeply concern them. This year, the theme is “INNOVATIVE ELEVATION: Pioneering Solutions for a Sustainable Tomorrow.”

The organizers of the conference have left no stone unturned in ensuring an exceptional event that aims to empower the youth, foster innovation, and enable sustainable progress. A lineup of highly resourceful speakers, experts in their respective fields, is scheduled to grace the stage and shed light on the theme, thereby equipping attendees with the necessary knowledge and insights to overcome challenges and shape a bright future.

The Osun Youth Conference & Award has evolved beyond being just a conversation. This year’s edition promises to be even more impactful, as it will celebrate and honor the exemplary achievements of ten outstanding youth icons in the state. These individuals have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, made significant contributions to their communities, and serve as inspiring role models for their peers.

Moreover, the conference offers a unique opportunity for participants to upgrade their skill sets and enhance their employability. As part of the event, attendees will have exclusive access to thirty different skill training programs, completely free of charge. These intensive training sessions, spanning three months, will cover a wide range of valuable skills, empowering the youth to succeed in various sectors and industries.

The Osun Youth Conference & Award serves as a platform for the young minds of Osun State to converge, exchange ideas, and explore innovative solutions to the challenges faced by their communities. By encouraging dialogue, collaboration, and action, the event aims to foster a culture of proactive citizenship among the youth, enabling them to play a pivotal role in the sustainable development of the state.

As the countdown to February 15, 2024, begins, anticipation and excitement are building up among Osun’s youth community. The Osun Youth Conference & Award promises not only enlightening discussions and recognition of outstanding individuals but also practical training opportunities that will set the stage for a brighter future for the youth of the state.

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