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‘My mum was almost crying!’ – Retired Chelsea legend Hazard opens up on Swansea ballboy kick incident



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Former Chelsea star Eden Hazard spoke about the infamous incident of kicking the Swansea City ballboy 11 years ago.

The former Belgium international recently caught up with Charlie Morgan, the Swansea City ballboy whom Hazard had kicked during a Carabao Cup semi-final clash 11 years ago. The duo sat down for a chat where the Chelsea legend spoke about the infamous incident and revealed that his mother broke down following him kicking a little boy.

During the chat, Morgan first said, “The crazy thing is until I got to the changing rooms, I thought it was Juan Mata who kicked me. I thought all along. I thought the whole time I didn’t know. And then they said it was Hazard.”

Then the player added, “I remember the story, my friend. But for me, it’s like also was my first year in England and I was like all this story came after the game because in the game for me, it was just a little thing because I was trying to take the ball because we were losing, so yeah. But after the game, people start to say ‘No, you have to say this’. My mum was almost crying, also like, ‘You kick a boy’ but to be fair I was like, ‘I didn’t even touch him, I just wanted the ball’. In the end, I think people just forget it because I was playing good, you know.”

The 33-year-old announced his retirement from international football after the Red Devils got ousted from the group stages of the 2022 World Cup. At the end of the 2022/23 season, Hazard left Real Madrid, and in October 2023, he disclosed his decision to hang up his boots for good.

Just before announcing his retirement, the winger did get some offers from MLS and Saudi Pro League clubs, but he decided not to prolong his playing career

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