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AbulRazaq and his name in the Book of History by Imran Olasunkanmi



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Kwara State was created on May 27, 1967, and has had a number of governors, military and civilians whose names are now in the book of history, whether for good or bad. The current Governor of Kwara State, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, on May 29, 2027, would join the pantheon of ex-governors who led the state with exemplary leadership style and brought smiles to the faces of the masses.

What Abdulrazaq met when he came on board in 2019 is public knowledge. The roads in the state were in deplorable conditions, civil servants’ promotions were halted despite that they were owed salaries, pensioners were ignored and treated like aliens, the structures of our public schools were scary, and in some LGAs, students studied under the trees to avoid the story that touches the heart.

Public hospitals could not save dying souls because they also needed help! How could hospitals without necessary medical materials save dying souls? Some public hospitals were without beds, and patients with severe health conditions were made to receive treatment on the floor. A tour of some of these hospitals would leave you weeping and cursing the previous government for being so cruel to our people.

Governor Abdulrazaq, being a leader who means well for his people and is determined to make Kwara great again after its horrible experience under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Saraki hegemony, has been working round the clock to fix these problems and his efforts have been yielding. He has revamped and constructed several roads, and many of his road projects are still ongoing across the three senatorial districts in the state.

Today, civil servants are being promoted against the halt in promotion they experienced under the Saraki-led PDP and receive their salaries promptly. Pensioners are no longer ignored nor treated like aliens. The structures of our public schools are no longer scary like they used to be under the previous government. Go to our hospitals today and see the transformation. The public health centres the PDP converted for political meetings are being rehabilitated for public use.

The Kwara before Governor Abdulrazaq was a civil servant state with no state-owned industry in sight. The ones the previous government claimed it established were milked and sold to allies by the same government. Abdulrazaq has created over nine lucrative industries which will employ tens of thousands of Kwarans before he will hand over power to another elected governor of the All Progressives Congress (APC) fold on May 29, 2027, as enshrined in the Constitution.

The industries include Innovation Hub, Virtual Arts Centre, Garment Factory, Sugar Film Factory, Gbugbu International Market, and Shea Butter Processing Factory, among others. When the application portal to recruit workers for the Garment Factory was opened a few weeks ago, no fewer than 8,000 Kwarans submitted their applications within 48 hours. Certainly, when these industries are finally opened for applications, over 10,000 Kwarans will be gainfully employed.

Also, before Mallam Abdulrazaq, what the previous government engaged Kwara youths for was to bully and curse dissenting voices online while they were paid N5,000 monthly for data. But Governor Abdulrazaq believes our youths and women deserve more than that and could also contribute to the development of the state in a way; therefore, he appoints them as SA, SSAs, commissioners, and others.

For all the commendable things Governor Abdulrazaq has done in Kwara and for Kwarans in the last five years, I do not doubt that history would be kind to him. His exemplary leadership style and commitment to making the State of Harmony great again have not only endeared him to well-meaning Kwarans but also entered his name in the good book of history.

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