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Moshood Mustapha eats words, says Crystal Group can’t remodel, rebuild Kwara Hotel for 3bn



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The owner of Crystal Group, Hon Moshood Mustapha, has said the company can no longer remodel and rebuild the legal Kwara Hotel for 3bn.

Mustapha, in an open letter to Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq a few weeks ago, said his Crystal Group could remodel and rebuild the legacy hotel job for 3bn as against the 17.8bn it was awarded to another company.

However, the state government, in a letter signed by the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of the state, Senior Ibrahim Sulyman, has asked Moshood Mustapha and Crystal Group to come and take the contract, provided it will follow the specifications in the Bill f Quantities (BOQ).

The letter reads, “You will realise, and as rightly posited in your letter, that the contract with your Client is inchoate and yet to be executed. This leaves parties to the limit of their respective rights under the law.”

“However, as a show of good faith and the demonstration of the Government’s commitment to probity and public good, the State Government is willing to proceed with the uncompleted Kwara Hotel process with your client.”

“This offer is, however, predicated on the following terms: That Crystal Group shall be given the same bill of quantity (BOQ) given to the Craneburg Construction Ltd. to execute the contract to the government’s specifications and standards within a period of 24 months. This means that Crystal Group shall remodel and reconstruct Kwara Hotel in its current state of empty carcass with N3bn mentioned in your letter as well as that of Hon. Moshood Mustapha or any amount of Crystal’s choice, provided the work is done in accordance with the government’s BOQ, as prepared by IEC Group Limited, a consulting firm, and upon which the Craneburg deal was anchored.

“That in addition to providing a Guarantee from a reputable commercial bank of a sum not below N3bn, the signing of the contract shall be subject to your Client’s provision of a performance bond from any of Nigeria’s first-rate commercial banks to prosecute the contract within the timeline and to the agreed specifications. This is to demonstrate the financial capability of your client to execute the contract as well as to ensure timely delivery of the project and guide against default, in addition to protecting the public interest,” the state government added.

However, Crystal Group wrote to the Kwara State Government on Monday, February 5, that it could not accept the challenge because of strict conditions.

The letter reads, “We acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 31st January 2024 on Friday 2nd of February 2024 at 2:56 pm.”

“Our Client notes that by all the various new conditions which you have attached to your Offer, you have effectively taken away with the left hand what you purported to give with the right hand. All the new conditions that you have given are manifestly contrary and at variance to what was previously agreed and on the basis of which our Client was selected as the Concessionaire for Kwara Hotels.”





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