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Tenant Impregnates Landlord’s Wife, Daughter



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A landlord has engaged his tenant in a fistfight after he found that he had impregnated his wife and daughter under his roof.

An online news medium, TrackNews, reported that the tenant, Reason Musiwechivi, launched a friendship with the landlord’s wife after giving her a lift to work.

He would later go beyond the daily ride to find comfort under her wrapper whenever the landlord, also a headmaster, was away.

TrackNews reported that Reason impregnated his landlord’s wife and one of her three daughters.

The online news medium added that some neighbours confided that there was a massive misunderstanding between the landlord’s wife and her older daughter a week after they clashed in Reason’s room.

The neighbours said the landlord settled the rift, but his wife and daughter hid the cause of their misunderstanding.

However, the landlord’s wife and daughter later confessed to carrying the babies of the tenant to each other.

A pharmacist was also reported to have revealed that the landlady wanted to get abortion pills to terminate both pregnancies.

The angry landlord was said to have punched Reason until he fell unconscious.



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