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Nationwide Protest: ‘We didn’t betray you by not participating’, TUC tells NLC



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The Trade Union Congress said it did not betray the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) for participating in the two-day nationwide protest declared by the NLC.

Remember that the NLC recently embarked on a nationwide protest over the economic hardship in the country and the failure of the Federal Government to negotiate a new minimum wage.

Speaking on Channels TV’s Politics Today on Friday, Festus Osifo, the TUC president, said that the union never agreed to embark on a protest with the NLC.

“I’ll just explain exactly what happened to you. Now, you see when you have when you say somebody opt out from a process, it means that the person was in before, it means that there was an agreement to do something.

“When there is an agreement to do something at the last minute, you will not say I am not doing it again. That is opting out, then you can use the word sold out. But in this scenario, there wasn’t any agreement to do anything.

“We did not have any conversation; nobody even mentioned to us that this is the direction to go. That conversation never took place. So, as long as that also never took place, we never opt out of anything. If there was an initial agreement that let’s go for a protest, the winner says we are not going for that protest.

“You could call that opt out, you could call that sold out, you could call that anything. But in this scenario, there was no understanding at all. In fact, there was no discussion that could have even led to any understanding,” he said.


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