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Usman, Adedimeji, Others Share Encounter In Anikulapo: The Rise Of The Spectre



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New drama series of global streaming platform, Netflix, ‘Anikulapo: The Rise Of The Spectre’ is beginning to get rave reviews even as the Kunle Afolayan-directed movie scored a good point and garnered awards.

The series casts (both oldies and newbies) shared their experience while filming.

Kannywood cum Nollywood actor, Uzee Usm, who played Kuranga in the new production told LEADERSHIP Weekend that Anikulapo: The Rise Of The Spectre is a notch higher in all ramifications even as le lauded Netflix as well as the depth of production value espoused by the director and the producer.

“I played the role Kuranga and it was thrilling. I love everything about the movie. The production value is top notch and it shows that our stories are now being more appreciated and told on a global scale. Kudos to Netflix,” says Usman.

Uzee Usman Adeyemi known for productions like Voiceless, Mustapha, A Tribe Called Judah, said, “the movie industry has grown and this should be sustained. we peaked to the global market five years ago and that is why global streaming platform like Netflix are here”.

Popular actor, Lateef Adedimeji who made his first role in the Kunle Afolayan production as Awolaran – Omo Basorun, the soft spoken timid man, said theme of the movie, Lateef Adedimeji said in his interview that the story in the drama series is very relatable.

“Akudaya naa wa (Akudaya exists in our world). Kunle Afolayan is a great interpreter. It’s just a creative licence to tell a story about akudaya in another dimension and make the people believe that it exists. Viewers will enjoy the story as it shows the depth of Yoruba culture and the picture quality vis a vis the production value is top notch”.

Petite and gorgeous Eyiyemi Afolayan, the daughter of the maverick director, Kunle Afolayan said her role as Omowunmi in the Rise of the Spectre series is, “I am the young, beautiful, witty, very much admired by almost everybody in the village.

Omowunmi is the king’s daughter. In the series, I have a story of my own. I was very emotional. There were challenges I faced like having to scream on top of my voice, having to think wildly and lots of emotional rollercoaster. Thank God I brought my A-game into this and got help from the casts and even my Dad who made me relax and I even when I lost my voice, made tea for me,” says Miss Afolayan.

Layi Wasabi, who is playing the role of one of the dead-but-back-to-live person said, “This is the first time I am acting in such a mega production.

Kunle Afolayan is a spectacular director as this is the first time I will see what I have been accustomed to being played out on a mega level. Akudaaya is something I have heard of as a Yoruba boy and Anikulapo: The Rise of Sceptre explored the narrative in a believable way.”

Aisha Lawal, another finest actress noted that her role was just coming up and getting more interesting as she was in the movie. She credited Afolayan for pulling the strings as usual to make such a hit drama series.

Anikulapo: Rise Of The Spectre,” a six-part epic series, was launched on Netflix on March 1, in over 190 countries across the globe having been premiered in Lagos last Sunday with pomp and pageantry.

The director of the series, Kunle Afolayan noted that the series which has been in the works for eight years, is a spin-off the movie and explored areas not done in the movie as some casts got a life. It was a display of the story of our culture told by insider.

“I want to especially thank “Olodumare” for the grace, for the knowledge and the wisdom. I want to thank my cast and the crew for believing in the dream, for believing in me and for always being there. I want to thank Maami for the prayers at night and the day.”

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