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Kwara North Group Blasts Saraki, PDP Over Constant Disrespect For Traditional Rulers



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The Kwara North Integrity Youth Forum has lambasted Bukola Sataki and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara state over their comments on the traditional rulers in the region, which they described as insulting and disdainful.

The group claimed that Saraki and the PDP are in pain because the region rejected the Greek gift they presented to them in the last governorship election in the state, adding that no politicians can cower the traditional rulers.

Kwara PDP, through its Publicity Secretary, Olusegun Olusola, has written a piece about the 2027 elections where it talked down on the traditional rulers and the people of the region for not supporting its governorship candidate in 2023.

A statement jointly signed by Engr. Yusuf Likofu and Dauda Baniya, Chairman and Secretary of Kwara North Integrity Youth Forum and sent to an online news medium, FreshInsight, reads:

“Our attention has been drawn to a contemptuous statement by the Kwara state Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), attempting to robe our highly revered traditional rulers as political instruments in the hands of politicians; a position we find not only disrespectful to our Royal fathers, but a reinstatement of the party’s indisposition to the unity, progress and prosperity of our Senatorial District, Kwara North.

“The PDP should be reminded that the traditional institution in any clime are critical stakeholders in the political system, albeit non-partisan. It is therefore not out of place for our traditional rulers to advance the course of political trajectory of the Senatorial District, more so, in an inclusive manner, where all political stakeholders, regardless of party affiliations were sent invitation by the traditional institutions of Kwara North.

“It is therefore insulting and disdainful of Kwara North traditional institution, for the PDP to insinuate that the invite sent to sons and daughters of Kwara North by our traditional rulers emanated from the government house.

“We are not oblivious of the clear directive issued by Senator Bukola Saraki, leader of the Kwara PDP to ensure division of Kwara North and frustrate fruition of the gubernatorial bid of the district come 2027, Insha Allah. We are equally appalled to realize that the former Senate President encouraged the disregard of our traditional rulers by sons of Kwara North, by instructing invited members of the PDP to boycott the meeting, in furtherance of his scheming to undermine our collective interests.

“While we thought the disparagement of our traditional rulers, after the people of Kwara North rejected the PDP in the five local governments of the Senatorial Districts during the 2023 general elections, was merely a consequent grumble of political defeat, it is interesting to discover that the inability of the PDP to use the Senatorial District for its selfish ambition in 2023 has bred so much toxicity against the people of Kwara North.

“The PDP, who in 2019 were in government and doesn’t consider effecting power shift, should not hold so much animosity against our Senatorial District for not accepting it’s Greek gift in 2023. It was not about Kwara North not wanting to take mantle of leadership of the State, but beyond folly of the PDP, we understand the wisdom behind the ripeness of time and not allowing ourselves to be used ingloriously by the Sarakis, as they have always done.

“The PDP must be suffering from amnesia to assume that our Emirs in Kwara North are now irrelevant stakeholders in the political affairs of Kwara North, when it’s leader – Sen. Bukola Saraki, in 2019, leveraged on his influence as the political godfather of the State, to coerce our traditional rulers to sign a power shift pact ahead of 2023, in return for our support in 2019. But the wisdom of our royal fathers transcends the cunning gimmicks of a political emperor. Perhaps, Saraki and his minions must be jittery that Kwara Northerners are taking our own destiny into our hands, however with erroneous thinking that every politician will thread his deceptive path.

“Going forward, we want to firmly warn the PDP and especially, it’s publicity secretary – Olusegun Olusola to accord more respect than he could’ve accorded the traditional ruler of his country home, Oloba of Obba-Isin, whom we understand he is far lower in rank to our traditional rulers that he was sent to disparage.

“We also wish to caution Sen. Saraki that he has disrespected our traditional rulers enough while he held sway as the State governor – when our traditional rulers were reduced to waiters for imported cows and infamous guests. He should desist from the devious antics of plotting division of Kwara North, as it will not only be futile, but would be a path to further destruction of his inherited political dynasty.

“The Kwara North Sociopolitical aspiration for 2027 and beyond is the collective wish and aspirations of the entirety of sons an daughters of the Senatorial District, we’ll give everything within legal confines to support, advocate and push the sociopolitical vision and mission.

“Thus, no amount of cowardly clandestine underhand by the career cum perennial enemies of Kwara North will see the light of the day, as we’ll be readily available to puncture whatever jejune write-up and antics they might want to latch on to further their sinister agenda against the people of Kwara North.”




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