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Delta killings: It’s difficult to believe mercenaries killed soldiers, says Clark



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Edwin Clark, an elder statesman and leader of the Ijaw Nation, said it is difficult to believe the recent killing of the soldiers in Delta State community was executed by mercenaries.

Clark said this on Tuesday in an interview on Arise Television.

The leader of the Ijaw Nation insisted that the leaders of the fighting communities involved in the incident must be asked some questions, adding that nobody should be treated differently.

Clark said the incident was shocking, barbaric and wicked, advising that the military and the communities should work together to fish out those who committed the murder.

He said, “Well that is difficult to believe. I don’t think we should expect this thing. Let’s look at ourselves. As I said, I spoke to the Lt Col on Thursday and he went to the place on Thursday and died.

“Except they had information they were going to Okuama. Otherwise, nobody knew they were going there.

“People to come from outside to waylay them, to surround them is a matter they should investigate. We can’t rule anything out but at the same time let us look at ourselves.

“The leaders of the various communities must be brought together, and find out from them, nobody should be treated as a sacred cow.

“I may say this: I am an Ijaw man and I will be the last person to allow this type of matter to degenerate to a situation whereby we have intercommunal fracas or fight.”





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