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Ex-minister Shittu urges FG to negotiate with bandits



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Adebayo Shittu, an ex-minister of Communications, has urged the Federal Government to adopt the non-kinetic approach to deal with the crisis of banditry in Nigeria.

Shittu said this on Tuesday in an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today.

He said, “If I am in a position, it is not too late to use non-kinetic measures in negotiating with bandits, giving them a promising future.

“Let us retain them. Many of them are very intelligent; many of them are able-bodied.”

Shittu stated that the military spending on equipment far outweighed the approach of negotiation.

The former minister said millions of out-of-school children in Northern Nigeria have become a “production factory for banditry” in the country.

 Shittu urged the government to negotiate with bandits “for the purpose of resettling, rehabilitating and retraining them”.

He added, “The more skills you are able to give to the largest number of them, the less the propensity for them to go back (to crime) if they are assured that a promising future awaits them after going through the deradicalisation processes and skills’ training.

“At the end of the day, the amount of money we are spending on the Armed Forces to confront these people, it looks like their number is endless because, in the bush, we have thousands of groups, particularly in the North-West and North-East.”


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