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Why We Can’t Arrest Bobrisky – Police PRO



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The Nigerian Police Force has declined to arrest controversial personality Bobrisky, despite calls for his apprehension due to his crossdressing. Social media figures criticized Bobrisky’s lifestyle, which they believe violates moral codes.

However, Police Public Relations Officer Olumuyiwa Adejobi explained that crossdressing itself isn’t a crime in Nigeria.

He emphasized the need for concrete evidence to pursue legal action. “You can’t have someone you want to prosecute without having credible evidences against them,” Adejobi said. While some speculate that crossdressers might be involved in illegal activities, these suspicions lack evidence, making prosecution difficult.

Adejobi acknowledged the existence of “natural offences” punishable by law but highlighted the need to prove involvement in such crimes before taking action against crossdressers

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