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Naira Abuse: Why Bobrisky is in jail, Cubana Chief Priest isn’t, Timi Agbaje explains



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A lawyer and Master of Ceremony, Timi Agbaje, has explained why Bobrisky is in prison and Cubana Chief Priest is not.

In a short clip on his X (formerly Twitter) account, Agbaje explains why Bobrisky is jailed and Cubana Chief Priest is freed.

He said that Bobrisky pleaded guilty, leaving the judge with no option other than to serve him one of the penalties for naira mutilation, which is a jail term. In contrast, Cubana Chief Priest pleaded not guilty, which left the judge with no other option other than to grant him bail to go home and attend court for trial.

“Bobrisky pleaded guilty, meaning that the court had to choose between a 50,000 fine and Kirikiri, while Cubana Chief Priest pleaded not guilty and was released on bail of 10 million, simply meaning he could go home and attend court for trial.”

“In Bobrisky’s case, he said, ‘I plead guilty, I did it, forgive me, have mercy,’ and they gave him two portions of rice. They could have given him a #50,000 fine, but I am not the judge.”

“Cubana said, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Under the law, Cubana Chief Priest has no case yet until EFCC is able to prove that the money he sprayed in those videos circulating online is Nigerian naira.”

Agbaje said to prove the money splashed in the viral video are Naira notes, there must be evidence of the serial number of the cash sprayed, and the source of the money must be known in court. At the same time, did he truly abuse the naira?

“The serial number of that money must be provided, and the source of that money must be stated in court. If the money is Nigerian naira, did he abuse the naira?”

“Some people can even argue that the money in that video is not real money; it’s fake money that was just sprayed for the fancy of showbiz to make people believe what is not real. But I reserve my comment on this development.”

Agbaje noted that individuals should invest in their lawyers for situations like this so they won’t be used as an experiment. The moral lesson of this story: invest in your lawyers. Some lawyers have an LL.B in law, which is a Bachelor of Law (Hons.), and some have a B.Sc. in Law, which is a Bachelor of Science in Law.”




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