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Worker’s Day: Abdulrazaq appreciates Kwara workers for support, understanding



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Today, as always, I send my fraternal greetings to all workers in Kwara State, especially all civil servants, on the occasion of May Day.

Workers are an integral component of governance. They are the life-wire that drives governmental activities geared towards sustainable development. Today, we recognise the invaluable contributions of workers to the socioeconomic growth and development of our state.

It is almost a year since His Excellency President Bola Ahmed Tinubu declared the removal of fuel subsidy in the country. This important policy decision has had varying impacts on how we live and meet basic needs, and we are in it together.

Amid other competing demands of public administration, infrastructural development, and keeping the fabrics of the society together, our administration has responded in various ways to mitigate the teething effects of the reforms.

We have introduced a monthly transport support, otherwise known as wage award, staggered working days, and implemented various promotion and other welfare packages that are meant to strengthen the spending powers of the workers. We have similarly rolled out different layers of support to the general public in our holistic approach to lessen the impacts of the reforms.

We will continue to review our responses within current realities, including the implementation of another minimum wage as soon as all processes have been concluded.

As our country courageously navigates the post-subsidy challenges, we acknowledge the fact that we have a responsibility to provide good and sustainable governance to the people of Kwara, and we are committed to always remain true to the oath we have sworn to protect the people.

I thank the organised labour and our workers in Kwara State for their support, understanding, and resilience. I appreciate their bold embrace of the future with hope, even as they diligently contribute positively to the development of our state. We do not take that for granted.

Once again, I congratulate everyone on this occasion of the 2024 Workers’ Day.


AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq CON

Governor, Kwara State.

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