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Education is a gradual process, Don’t rush your children’s education, Lecturer advise parents



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Prof Yunus Fasasi of University of Ilorin, a Professor of Educational Management has advised parents not to rush their children into higher Educational institutions.

Prof Fasasi gave the advice while delivering the 256th inaugural lecture at the University of Ilorin on Thursday.

He spoke against the backdrop of children who gained admission into the university at a tender age.

Parents should allow their children to mature before completing their education to be able to face the exigencies of life.

According to the university lecturer, both physical and mental development will prepare a child to cope with the rigours and challenges of life.

FIDELINFO recall that the Minister of Education, Professor Tahir Mamman, while monitoring the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination in Abuja said that the Federal Government plans to review and peg the minimum entry age into Tertiary Institutions in the country at 18 years.

The minister advised parents against pushing their children and wards “too much” to allow them to attain some level of maturity to be able to better manage their affairs.

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with our correspondent after delivering his lecture titled “Holding Education Accountable For Resources and Results”, Fasasi cautioned parents and guardians from rushing their wards into higher institutions.

He said, “Parents and stakeholders should be sensitized on psycho-emotional and other consequences inherent in allowing double promotion for their wards.”

The lecturer added that an immature child would not be able to face the exigencies of life.

He urged strict adherence to the National Policy on Education on admission.

“The national policy on education has divided education into stages and accompanied same with ages, but parents are in a hurry. Parents have forgotten that there are stages for the mental and physical development of a child.

“If a child is not well-developed physically and mentally and is rushed to a higher institution he will misbehave in the future,” he added

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