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UCL: Muller predicts Bayern semi-final second leg tie against Real Madrid



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Ahead of the UEFA Champions League semi-final duel between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid on Wednesday, Thomas Muller emphasizes that the outcome rests on each side’s capacity to transform opportunities into goals.

Following a gripping 2-2 draw in the initial leg at the Allianz Arena, anticipation mounts for the decisive showdown at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Muller, a central figure in Bayern Munich’s lineup for the first leg, stresses the importance of capitalizing on chances to ensure success.

Offering his insights ahead of the second leg in Madrid, Muller, as reported by Madrid Universal, paints a picture of an evenly matched contest hanging on a delicate balance.

He underscores the essence of clinical precision in football, pointing out missed opportunities in past encounters and highlighting the pivotal role of seizing chances to secure victory.

Muller said, “It will be an even game, on a knife’s edge. A lot in football comes down to being clinical. We also had two big chances in the second half against Stuttgart when it was 1-1. If you put chances away, you win.

“If not, you lose. That is what it will come down to. It is about millimetres, whether we’re clinical and can take them in the moments where we create our chances. That is it.”

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