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It’s a lie: Kwara Govt not demolishing MM building/Complex — CPS Ajakaye



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Rafiu Ajakaye


It is a lie. Here is the truth.

KW-GIS has marked all structures that encroach on the government setbacks as rehabilitation works begin on the Ahmadu Bello Way. This is the standard practice everywhere.

The online media reports claiming that the government is set to destroy a building that belongs to Hon. Moshood Mustapha are not true. I think the right thing to do in such an instance when our friends in the new media are not clear is to ask questions.

There is no such thing as the government being set to demolish MM’s building or complex. What has been marked are the fence of the structure and some kiosks that conspicuously eat into government setbacks. As a matter of fact, parts of the main complex encroach on the setback at Ahmadu Bello Way and Sulu-Gambari Road. We all know the rules. However, the KWGIS is only concerned with the fence and the adjoining kiosks that offend the setbacks on the two roads. No more, no less.

The lines marked in red in the drawing above showed the land area occupied by the building owned by MM. Anything outside of that red line is outside of the CoO approved for the structure. Everything to the right of the red line is the government setback. That is where the fence and the kiosks are. It is what has been marked to give way for the road project. And this affects everyone else whose structure encroaches the setbacks.

That happened at Unity Road. That has happened to dozens of structures on the same Ahmadu Bello Way. It is happening along the University of Ilorin Road. Please go check these. Many have moved their things from the road without blackmailing the government. It will happen to every structure on the Sulu-Gambari Road, which stretches beyond the areas that they own. That is the law.

Are all other people affected also fighting the Governor? Can we then ask the KwGIS to concede the setback to MM while others go to blazes? I think we should slow down. This is our state; no one has greater claims to it than the other. Let us please check things to be sure we are not being used to do mischief and heat up the polity for no just cause. Peace Is priceless.

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