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Political appointments: Ododo blows hot, insists on home-based nominees



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Kogi State Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo has said that he would not condone further delay in the nomination of ward special assistants by some wards and local government councils.

Ododo, who said this on Monday, explained that some time ago, he gave a directive to the effect that every Ward should meet and present three nominees to represent them in his administration as Ward Special Assistants (WSA) in line with their gender sensitivity and deliberate policy for women inclusion.

He said, “I directed that at least one of the nominees should be a woman. Our decision to give the Wards such an opportunity is to take governance back to the grassroots and build a strong link between our government and the people.
“It is also pertinent to note that we are determined to ensure those representing our people at the grassroots in my administration stay with them and can easily give us feedback on how best to serve them in line with our promises.

“Those to be recommended for appointments as WSAs must be people who live permanently with their people at that level. It is intended to be completely grassroots-based.

“While some Wards/Local Government Areas have submitted proofs of their compliance with the modalities, others are deliberately delaying the process because of their sinister motives to submit names of people living in Kaduna, Abuja and Lagos and probably their relatives. This will be unacceptable.

“Those who are yet to submit their lists have between now and the end of May to do so, or our Fact Finding Team that will go around the 239 Wards to verify the processes and how genuine such choices are, will help them organise the Ward meetings and come up with the lists.

“Under my watch and in line with the practice of Mr President through the Renewed Hope Agenda, the people at the grassroots will remain the most important Stakeholders in our administration. Those who represent their people will be those they have given their mandate to represent them in my government. They must be people who live with them and understand their needs. This is the path we have chosen to take.”

Therefore, he asked those he gave the mandate to drive the process as soon as possible to avoid a situation where the Fact Finding Team will organise the Ward Meetings to determine their nominees.

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