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CSOs to Tinubu on Rivers crisis: Call Wike to order



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Mr. Olufemi Aduwo, the Permanent Representative of the Centre for Convention on Democratic Integrity (CCDI) to the United Nations, has called on President Bola Tinubu to wade in the political crisis in Rivers, urging him to “call Wike to order” over his hostility with Governor Fubara.

The CSOs warn that the FCT Minister’s actions could plunge Rivers State and the entire South-South region into a political crisis.

The representative of the Civil Society at the Technical Summit of Human Rights Council 56th session, Aduwo, berated the former governor’s undemocratic antics, saying “Morality has gone to the dogs and the order of the day is money.”

He further said that Nigerian democracy is still fragile and cannot accommodate unnecessary political firmament.

Aduwo also commented on the defection of some state lawmakers from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Rivers, stating that they have lost their seats and rights to the ruling party.

In a separate statement, Aduwo examined President Tinubu’s first anniversary, noting that some of his economic policies are in the right direction, but just that the full impact has not been felt due to Nigerian factors.

He emphasised the need to combat corruption and fraudulent practices to move Nigeria to greater heights.

He also highlighted the importance of good governance, ethical economic principles, and the need for proactive maintenance of law and order to achieve sustainable economic recovery and development.

Aduwo emphasised that human rights can only be guaranteed among virtuous people and that democracy will only secure liberty and development when leaders are men of virtue.



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