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He’ll continue to bear my surname -Linda Ikeji breaks silence on son’s paternity



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Nigerian media personality and blogger Linda Ikeji has refuted claims that she changed her six-year-old son, Jayce’s surname.

The rumour surfaced on Tuesday after the blogger shared a vacation post featuring her son and his cousin Ryan, wherein she referred to her son with her last name Ikeji

Following her post, some netizens claimed that she changed her son’s surname from her baby daddy’s, Sholaye Jeremi’s to hers.

Debunking the claims, Linda Ikeji explained that her son’s surname has always been her last name and he will continue to bear the name though it will be left for him to change it when he comes of age and feel like

On her Instagram story, she wrote: “Just to be clear. I’ve never ever had to change my son’s surname.

“He’s been an Ikeji right from when he was born! Where do I have the time or patience to be changing names?

“Changing it and keeping his surname (Ikeji) will be up to him when he ages. Food for my Junior colleagues”.

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