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I never felt unhappy with Wike during Abuja train commissioning – Okocha



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The Caretaker Chairman of the All Progressives Congress in Rivers State, Chief Tony Okocha has denounced reports that he has altercation with the Minister of Federal Capital Territory, Nyesome Wike during the commissioning of Metro line in Abuja.

Okocha in a statement on Wednesday said ascribed the report to the agents of Rivers State Government, described it as cheap blackmail.

Giving his account, Okocha said he had no reason to be on the train with the President and he at no time felt unhappy during the whole process.

He said, “it was Mr. President himself who performed the flag-off of the completed project and as physical demonstration, triumphantly rode on the Train in the company of the attendee dignitaries, so highly placed as His Excellency, Senator Kassim Shettima, GCON, Vice President of Nigeria, Hon Ministers of the Federal Republic, Leadership of the National Assembly, Ambassadors, Captains of industry, etc, as beautifully made out by the compere’.

“I frankly, couldn’t have made the list of those who rode with Mr.President on the Train, given that assemblage of creme-de-la-creme in attendance and so, never in my radar oi imaginations.

“Of course, commonsensically speaking, not all the prominent personalities therein, can be allowed into the Train with Mr President, GCFR (At least for Security reasons).

“At no time did l even make even a distant attempt to get close to the Train station, let alone grumble for not being mentioned as a personality to ride with Mr. President on the Train.

“At no time did I frown at the busy Hon Minister of FCT, for not including me on the Protocol list, talk more of having a disagreement/quarrel/altercation with him.

“Immediately after the heart-rending and emotional ladened and spirit enlivening commendation speech made by HIs Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, and the subsequent unveiling of the plaque, l joined the other Guests of the Honourable Minister in a bus provided by FCT administration, to a sumptuous lunch set up by the host, the Honourable Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

“Whilst on the event venue and lunch table thereafter, I shared warmth conviviality with folks, None!, I repeat , none!!, had any reason to be sad.”

Having stated the very obvious, it remains to reveal the reason(s) for this baggage of lies which underscores the unfortunate embroidery of the present Government in Rivers State and as well, unmask the chief thespians in the cheap propaganda script.”

The APC Chairman said the main reason while the false narrative goes viral was because of his unusual silence.

“My silence, which was strange to Governor Fubara and his goons, was deafening. They are well aware that I am never reticent nor taciturn to vogue issues as Governance in Rivers State yet I never said a word even when the curious press made frantic efforts to get me on set on my take as leader of the opposition in Rivers State.

“Why, then would I not speak?, They queried. So, they elected to speak from their wildest imagination, purporting in my stead, but widely missed it.

“Instead of representing the perspective that genuine Nigerians can vouch for me,they pandered to sheer vagaries and inanities.. No wonder, my phones have been buzzing every second with call from the entire globe, with the intention of ascertaining the veracity or otherwise of the deceitful post.”

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